IMES Regional Brief – March 2018
March 1, 2018
Reflections from a Social Psychologist تأملات من وجهة نظر علم النفس الاجتماعي
March 15, 2018

Learn from our graduates how the Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies has transformed their work and ministry:

Intellectual Excellence. Heart Formation. Practical Application.

The Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MRel) is a unique and innovative multidisciplinary program designed for individuals who want to go deep in addressing the real issues facing Middle Easterners in and beyond the Middle East and North Africa.

Administered online with two on-campus residencies per year in Lebanon, this accredited postgraduate degree focuses on providing a strong theoretical understanding of the region and the issues that it faces, combined with an emphasis on developing applied skills needed to work in the region and among MENA communities worldwide. It is based upon a solidly theological and Biblical framework in that each module weaves scripture and theology into its theory and practice.

The MRel explores issues of critical concern for the MENA region through four distinct lenses:

  • MENA Islam
  • MENA Cultures
  • MENA Christianity
  • MENA History, Politics and Economics

In addition, students study a regional language of their choice and undertake an original, context-driven final project as the culmination of their studies. The program’s flexible design enables a student to study the MENA from within his or her particular context as well as interact firsthand with the diverse cultures and religions of this dynamic region.

What Skills Do Students Acquire?

  • Contextual Cultural Analysis
  • Needs assessment and problem analysis
  • Project design (developing the logic for change)
  • Peacebuilding and conflict transformation
  • The ability to develop strategies for inter-church cooperation
  • The ability to understand interfaith conflict and to develop strategies for Christian Muslims dialogue
  • The mind to develop culturally appropriate theological frameworks for ministry

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