Education, Leadership, and Mission: A Critical View in a Critical Age
January 31, 2019
Lebanon Turns 100: Let’s Offer it the Gift of Unity
February 14, 2019

IMES Regional Brief – February 2019

Karl Barth entreats us to “take your Bible and take your newspaper, and read both. But interpret newspapers from your Bible.” This is exactly what we do in the IMES Regional Brief, as we read the events of our region in light of the Bible and discover implications for the MENA Church. In our brief for February 2019, we look at the pullout of American military forces and equipment from Syria and how in times of relative peace the church should take important steps for the consolidation of justice, dialogue, and cooperation between various groups for the sake of the common good. On the other hand, this same event could serve an occasion for the churches in Lebanon and Syria to come together in unity. And, it can serve as an occasion for the global church to continue supporting the churches of the region for the purpose of strengthening the one body of Christ in humble, sacrificial service to the surrounding world. Poverty and the fragile economic situation are a recurrent themes in the MENA that we also explore in our brief. As Sudan faces an economic crisis, the Sudanese Church can overcome challenges both locally and regionally as it remains united and open to the Church’s global reach. Furthermore, the economic situation in Tunisia calls on the church to be involved in the community through assessing needs and finding the resources to meet those needs. Finally, we reflect on the construction in Egypt of the of the region’s largest Cathedral and Mosque. This event leaves the church with a challenge to maintain a Christ-like attitude, an attitude which has never been interested in the grandeur of a specific locale or the construction of grand edifices; but, it has always been interested in the universal human need for spiritual and material for healing, repentance, education, sustenance and shelter.


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