An Easter Message from ABTS Faculty
April 25, 2019
Lebanon Launches Reform Workshop Based on CEDRE Conference Conditions
May 8, 2019
In our brief for May 2019, we explore how the struggle of post-Saddam and post-ISIS Iraq continues to redefine a cohesive narrative of what its society and political system will look like in the coming decades. In such times of “grand narratives and ideologies,” we must beware of opportunism and continue to act out our faith values and convictions. Through this, the Church repositions itself as a courageous catalyst for unity in diversity. We also examine the Arab-Berber conflict that has been part of daily life in North Africa for years and how the church can promote unity and equality in the midst of an ethnic conflict. From Sudan, we learn that non-violent rebellion bears fruit and brings positive transformation. As believers, we should engage in nonviolent activism, and we should not restrict our involvement to fasting and prayer. While there is much power in fasting and prayer, we also ought to be salt and light. In this brief, we also examine the referendum on constitutional amendments that would allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to extend his presidential mandate and strengthen his authority in Egypt. As we do that, we reflect on the role of the Church in increasing its national and regional influence – as a servant in imitation of Christ.


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The Current Transformations in Iraq’s Religious Demographics Require that the Church Repositions Itself as a Courageous and Daring Catalyst for Unity in Diversity

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North Africa

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Nonviolent Rebellion Causes Sudan’s Decades-Long President to Fall from Power

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