IMES Blog is Transitioning to the Summer Posting Schedule

Middle East Conversations 2020 Webinar Report and Video- A Dynamic Pause: Reflections on Simplicity, Purpose, and Transformation in this Time of Pandemic.
June 24, 2020
Middle East Conversations 2020 Webinar Report: COVID-19 and Theological Education in the Middle Eastern Context: Between Mounting Challenges and Emerging Opportunities
July 23, 2020

The past nine months have been a dynamic period to critically observe and engage events in the region and around the globe. During this time, weekly IMES Blog posts stirred discussion about urgent matters ranging from political protests to global pandemic to the role of the Church in increasingly disorienting times. The issues unfolding in the Middle East and throughout the world are certainly confounding, and we pray that this blog has been a site of thoughtful and hopeful considerations leading to deeper understandings on important matters of faith and witness.

As we transition to the summer season, the IMES Blog will pause from releasing weekly posts on Thursdays. Keep your eyes open for monthly reports following each Middle East Conversations 2020 webinar and do remain mindful that timely posts may be released should current events warrant this.

Have a safe and blessed summer! We look forward to resuming weekly IMES Blog posts in September 2020.

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