Educational Core Values

Authentic and Effective Worship
We want our students to develop a holistic understanding of worship as a way of life and spiritual positioning that expresses itself in all patterns of personal, community, and church life.

Missional Ministry
We want our students to view their entire lives as holistic engagement with their environment and culture, giving them the desire to facilitate the birthing and development of communities of followers of Jesus that worship and witness to God wherever they are called to serve.

Christ-Like Leadership
We want our students to endorse servanthood as the primary value of leadership, balancing the use of power and service in the framework of their God-given calling to lead.

Kingdom-Mindedness and Empowerment
We want our students to become more Kingdom-minded and open to cooperation with and inclusion of others. We also want them to develop a healthy understanding and practice of power and authority. We want them to be able to create environments where people are encouraged, equipped, and allowed to grow in their development (personal, spiritual, social, education, leadership, gifting, etc.)

Reflective Discernment and Practice
We want our students to learn to continuously reflect theologically on their ministry and life and feedback their reflection into their practice.

Incarnational Ministry
We want our students to acquire the right focus in ministry, the way Jesus demonstrates it in the Gospels. We want them to break down social, political and religious divides by building positive relationships based on mutual respect and dialogue. We want them to be active participants in the process of community development and cohesion.

Personal and Spiritual Development
We want our students to become life-long learners that continue to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and in ministry skills.