The Academy of Languages and Practical Skills (ALPS)

ALPS Overview

ALPS is a comprehensive Arabic program designed especially for you. We form our classes around your learning goals, your schedule and your pace. The Vision of ALPS is to use the learning of Arabic as a means to bridge the linguistic and cultural divide between people, increasing understanding and cooperation between individuals and institutions in the Middle East and the World.

As such, the Mission of ALPS is to teach the Arabic  language (especially the Levantine dialect of Lebanon) to non Arabs, enabling them to attain a good level of conversation within one year so as to communicate effectively with native Arabic speakers.

The ALPS Method, carefully developed by linguistic specialists, is designed to introduce students to Arabic culture and daily life through the study of language. Courses are offered both in the Lebanese dialect and Modern Standard Arabic.

ALPS Distinctives

  • Converse in the Levantine Arabic Dialect within 1 Year
  • Highly Experienced Native Teachers
  • Extensive use of Audio-Visual Aids and Story-Telling
  • Courses in Modern Standard Arabic
  • Centers in Beirut and in Mansourieh
  • Flexible Times and Affordable Cost
  • From Total Beginner to Advanced Levels

ALPS is for you if you are:

  • Working in the Arab world and seeking to communicate better with the people around you,
  • Seeking to be more effective in your work among Arab communities worldwide,
  • An international student of Arabic, Middle Eastern Studies, and/or Islam,
  • Simply a lover of the Arabic language and culture.


The curriculum is divided into four main levels:

  • Beginner (Level I) — 120 hours
  • Intermediate (Level II) — 120 hours
  • Upper Intermediate (Level III) — 120 hours
  • Advanced (Level IV) — Special Projects

Course Format

ALPS offers courses for groups and individuals as follows:

  • Slow mode: 6 class hours/week — total 30 hours/term
  • Fast mode: 12 class hours/week — total 60 hours/term
  • Tutorials: This service is offered to students who choose to study at their own pace, in consultation with the ALPS administration.


ALPS offers eight sessions (or terms) per year, each consisting of five weeks, followed by an intensive week designed for make-up sessions.

Class Times

ALPS is open Monday through Friday, 9:00-6:00.


ALPS’ fees are competitive and suitable for all income levels. ALPS is more interested in student learning outcomes than the income generated!

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