Daniel Chetti

Daniel Chetti

Associate Professor of History & Theology


BA, Philosophy and Religion, Azusa Pacific University (California)
MA, Religion & Theology, School of Theology at Claremont (California)
MA, Church History, Claremont Graduate University (California)
PhD, Modern Church History, Claremont Graduate University (California)


Daniel Chetti has served on faculty at ABTS for two decades. Previous to this, he had been involved in theological educaction and research in India and the United States. Dan joins his wife in ministry with migrant workers.

Areas of research, writing and teaching

History of Christianity & Historical Theology, Missions History & Theology, Baptist History & Heritage


Vanguard of a New Missional Movement in Arab Lands? Congregations of Migrant Domestic Workers, (Forthcoming book).

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“A History of Baptist Church in Lebanon,” in the European Baptist Fellowship publication on Baptist Life and Thought.

The Eve of Protestant Reformation and the Eve of Arab Awakening: Historic Parallels and Possibilities. Feb 2012 (Faculty Presentation, ABTS)

“Touching the Untouchable: Articulating the Voice of the Dalits,” Baptist Faith & Witness, Book 3, ed. by Tony Cupit, Falls Church, VA, 2005. (Paper Presented at the Peace and Justice Commission, Baptist World Alliance, General Council, Seville, Spain.)

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Published Sermons:

"Is Our God a Tempter?" Sermon on Matthew 6:13 Anbunather Lutheran church (TELC), Madras, 1988.

"Christianity and Nationalism" Sermon Preached on the occasion of 43rd Independence Day in Kirkspire, September 1990

"Do you wish to be healed?" Psalm: 51, St. John: 5:1-19 Sermon Preached on the occasion of healing Sunday, Organized by Gurukul Perspective, 1994.

"Empty tomb and Empowered Life" in Kirkspire, Vol.22, No.2.May 1994

Book Review Mathai Zachariah, Inside the Indian church, ISPCK, Delhi 1994 in Theology for our Times, No.2, July 1995, 71 pp.