ABTS Faculty

Faculty members are at the heart of any academic institution. At ABTS, the Faculty is a major stakeholder of the curriculum and of numerous educational decisions. We aim for our Faculty to form a community of scholar-practitioners that are accountable to one another and together strive towards excellence in character, scholarship, and praxis.

The Seminary’s present faculty draws from two sources. The first group is Core Faculty, who have been recommended to and accepted by the Board following an interview with the existing Core Faculty. These Faculty members are responsible for the Theology Program curriculum. In as much as is possible, the compulsory or core components of this curriculum are delivered by members of the Core Faculty. They also contribute through a variety of administrative roles to the mission of ABTS.

The second source of faculty includes both Adjunct and Visiting Faculty. These Faculty members are invited by the Academic Dean and the Registrar to support the Theology Program curriculum through teaching in areas in which the Core Faculty are unable to provide adequate coverage and/or where the Adjunct or Visiting Faculty member brings particular expertise or experience that contribute to the students’ holistic formation.