Caleb Hutcherson

Assistant Professor of Historical and Theological Studies


BS, Agribusiness, Arizona State University (USA)
ThM, Historical Theology and Cross-cultural Ministry, Dallas Theological Seminary (USA)
PhD, Practical Theology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / IBTS Centre (the Netherlands)


Caleb joined the faculty at ABTS in 2011 through a partnership with Ras Beirut Baptist Church in Beirut, Lebanon. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Caleb is involved in a variety of social and humanitarian projects. Caleb is married to Nicolette, and they have three children. Outside of the classroom, Caleb enjoys running, woodworking, and doing things outdoors.

Caleb’s academic research develops from his engagement with questions that lie at the intersection of theology, culture, and everyday life. His doctoral research developed this concern by examining the practice of theological reflection. This research drew upon socio-cultural lenses, Islamic law, evangelical practical theology, and liberation theology to analyze and interpret the particular dynamics of the practice among Arab evangelicals who had studied at ABTS. The resulting dissertation is titled “‘Even When I’m Washing the Underwear?’: Towards Understanding the Particularities of a Transformative Arab Evangelical Practice of Theological Reflection in an Arab-Muslim Milieu” (2022).

Areas of research supervision

Caleb has interest in guiding research on historical or contemporary questions facing the Arab evangelical community. He has consulted and supervised on masters theses that rely on historical methods and/or theologically informed approaches to qualitative empirical research. His interests lie areas of theology and culture, mission studies, political theology, migration and forced displacement studies, and ecology. He readily admits this is too much. He is trying to do better, but the world is just too interesting.

Courses regularly taught at ABTS

Introduction to Christian Doctrine, Historical Theology, Kingdom of God in Historical and Contextual Perspective, Salvation and Atonement: Historical and Contextual Perspectives, Theological Reflection in Life and Ministry, Nature and Character of God in Historical and Contextual Perspective, Restored Community, Trinity-Personhood-Community, Understanding and Applying the Letter to the Hebrews, Interpretation of Prophecy and Jeremiah, and Practicing Theological Reflection in Life and Ministry.

Caleb also leads learning sessions on the following topics: Dream Interpretation in Arab Contexts, Action Research methodology and methods, Early Arab Christian Theological Responses to Islam, Cultural Analysis via Street Art.


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

“Water as a Sign of Reconciliation in the Christian Faith,” with Wilbert Van Saane, in The Symbolism of Water in Religion: Perspectives from Lebanon, ed. Wilbert Van Saane. Beirut, Haigazian University Press, 2019.

“Action Research for Theological Impact,” with Bassem Melki in Challenging Tradition: Innovation in Advanced Theological Education, ed. by Perry Shaw and Havilah Dharamraj (Carlisle: Langham, 2018).

“The Relationship between Faith and Reason in al-Ghazali's Philosophy of Education: Implications for Arab Theological Education,” Journal of European Baptist Studies 17, no. 1 (2017): 57-75.

“Toward Theological Integration Using Action Research: Reflections from an Arab Context,” InSights Journal for Global Theological Education 1, no. 2 (2016): 31–39.

General writing and other creative projects

Practicing theology in Ramadan: how actions shape our talk about God, Posted on the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) blog: 7 April 2022

On Romanticizing Staying or Leaving Difficult Places: A Reflection about Christians and the Middle East Today, Posted on the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) blog: 7 October 2021

Love Your Neighbor, Be Political!: A Reflection From Lebanon About Faith in Politics,with Martin Accad. Posted on the Institute for Middle East Studies (IMES) blog: 10 June 2021

Palestine, Evangelicalism, and the Problem of Power, Posted on the Institute for Middle East Studies (IMES) blog: 3 June 2021

An Antidote to Christian Nationalism, Posted on the Institute for Middle East Studies (IMES) blog: 7 January 2021

“What Ida Wells teaches me about the sovereignty of God during crises” in Mission Catalyst by BMS World Mission, Issue 3 (2020): 17.

COVID-19: Sovereignty without Resurrection is Just Opium,” Posted on the Institute for Middle East Studies blog: 2 April 2020

“A Reflection on Traffic through a Theology of Sin,” Posted on the Institute for Middle East Studies blog: 30 March 2017

“Cultural and Religious Barriers to Reflective Practice in Arab Cultural Contexts: An Interpretive Essay,” Unpublished research, International Baptist Theological Study Centre (2015).

"Lived Theology Project: a Natural Playground at ABTS." This faculty-led project involved collaboratively designing, fundraising, coordinating, and installing a natural playground for the nurture and development of the children of ABTS student families. January 2013 - September 2014.

“Is the Trinity Critically Important to Dialogue in the Middle East Context?” Posted on the Institute for Middle East Studies blog: 13 September 2012

“The Gospel of Wasta,” Devotional reflection written for Stonebriar Community Church’s missions magazine (Frisco, Texas, USA). 31 October 2012.