Core Faculty


  Martin Accad


Associate Professor of Islamic Studies

  Emad Botros


Assistant Professor of Old Testament

  Elie Haddad


Lecturer in Leadership and Missional Ecclesiology

  Smyrna Khalaf Moughabghab


Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Counseling

  Caleb Hutcherson


Lecturer in Historical Theology

  Abed El Kareem Zien El Dien


Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry

  Bassem Melki


Lecturer in Peace Studies

  Walid Zailaa


Assistant Professor of Old Testament


Wes Watkins

Assistant Professor of Missiology

Nabil Habiby


Lecturer in New Testament Studies


Richard McCallum

MRel Lead Faculty for Cultural Analysis in the Context of MENA


Rupen Das

MRel Lead Faculty for MENA History, Politics and Economics