Emad Botros

Assistant Professor of Old Testament


Bachelor of Theology (2003), Arab Baptist Theological Seminary
Master of Arts (2013), McMaster Divinity College (Hamilton, ON, CA)
Thesis: The Merciful and Compassionate God: Biblical Theology in an Islamic Context
Doctorate in Christian Theology - Old Testament (2021), McMaster Divinity College, Ontario, Canada.
Dissertation: The Merciful and Gracious God: Biblical Theology of Jonah in the Context of Islam


Emad is married to Almess Yousif, and they have two boys Timothy and Nathaniel. After Emad and Almess graduated from ABTS (2003), they established their pastoral ministry in Egypt for about two years, and then they moved to Canada (2005). While in Canada, Emad joined the mission field to minister among Arab immigrants, worked in the field of social service particularly with individuals with disability, finished his Master of Art in Christian Theology (2013) and his Ph.D. at McMaster Divinity College (2021).

Emad has been teaching at ABTS since 2014. He is passionate about developing biblical theology of the Old Testament in the context of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). His research has focused above all on the intersection of the biblical texts and the Qur’an, with major interest in the character of God. During his master research degree, Emad focused on the intersection of the Book of Exodus and the Qur’an, with a particular interest in the Golden Calf Narrative. His doctoral studies focused on the intersection of the Minor Prophets Corpus and the Qur’an, particularly reading the Book of Jonah in the MENA context.

Emad enjoys teaching about the Old Testament as well as mentoring students. In addition to his academic ministry and interest, he is very passionate about ministering to individuals with disability. In his free time, Emad enjoys reading, playing soccer and drums.

Research Interest

• The Pentateuch: Exodus
• Historical Books: Chronicles
• Minor Prophets: Jonah-Nahum (The character of God and the nations).
• Biblical Theology of the OT
• The Character of God in the Old Testament
• Intertextuality: The Qur’an and the Bible- Prophets


• Advanced OT Studies – Master Level
• Old Testament Intro and Survey
• OT Interpretation
• Reading Jonah in a Middle Eastern/Islamic Context
• Reading Exodus in a Middle Eastern/Islamic Context
• Biblical Theology of Discipleship
• Prophetic Reading of Society
• Research Methods

Research Publications

Botros, Emad. “The Reception History of the Character of Jonah in the Qur’an: Toward a Better Understanding of the Qur’an and Practical Implications for the Church.” In The Religious Other: A biblical Understanding of Islam, the Qur’an, and Muhamad. Edited by Martin Accad and Jonathan Andrews. Cumbria, UK: Langham Global Library, 2020.

Conference Papers

Botros, Emad. “Jonah and Yunus in Conversation.” Society of Biblical Literature, 2014.
________. “The Reception History of the Golden Calf Narrative: A Biblical Theology in a Middle Eastern- Islamic Context. Society of Biblical Literature, 2021.
________. “A Reading of the Character of Jonah in Islamic Thinking and its Influence on the Recent Arabic Translations.” Christian Arabic Heritage, 2023.

Popular Publications

“A Friendship That Never Stops Growing: 50 Years After the Historic Reconciliation between the Catholic and Coptic Orthodox Churches,” May 2023.
"Can We Learn from the Qur’an? The Prayer of Yūnus,” July 2022.
“Yunan or Yūnus? Re-Considering the Relationship between the Bible and the Qur’an,” February 2022.
“Natural Resources, A Curse or a Blessings? The Egyptian-Ethiopian Nile River Dispute,” July 2021.
“Faith-Based Organizations and Global Political Interests: Sudan as a Case Study,” February 2021.
“Seeking the Peace of the City: A Prayer that Changes Us,” February 2020.
“Pray for a Highway: God’s Dream in Disorienting Times,” November 2016.