Kees van der Knijff

Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology


BA, Econometrics and Decision Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
BA, Theology and Religious Studies, Utrecht University
Master of Research in Religion and Theology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Master of Divinity, Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam
PhD in Systematic Theology, Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam


Kees was born and raised in the Netherlands. With his wife Esther and their children Hannah, Nathan, and Timon he moved to Lebanon in 2021 to serve as a teacher at ABTS. Kees works as a missionary for the Dutch mission organisation GZB and is an ordained pastor of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN).

Besides studying, teaching and writing theology, Kees loves to spend time with his family. His hobbies include playing the piano, playing chess and team sports with friends.

Areas of research, writing, and teaching

Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Ethics

Select Publications

Kees van der Knijff, De Heer is mijn Herder, maar hoe leidt Hij mij? Denken over Gods leiding in tijden van keuzestress. Artios-reeks. Heerenveen: Uitgeverij Groen, 2020. [Popular Dutch version of dissertation]

Cornelis van der Knijff, Between Providence and Choice Biography: An Account of Divine Guidance from a Reformed Perspective. Kampen: Summum Academic, 2019.

Peer reviewed articles
C. van der Knijff, "'Guide me, o Thou Great Jehovah' - A Typology of Divine Guidance in Contemporary Evangelicalism", European Journal of heology Vol XXV:2 (2016): 179-188.

Knijff, Cornelis van der, and Willem van Vlastuin, “Why Edwards did not Understand Boston: A Comparison of their Views on the Covenants", Jonathan Edwards Studies Vol. 5.1 (2015): 44-57.

Knijff, Cornelis van der, and Willem van Vlastuin. “The Development in Jonathan Edwards’ Covenant View.” Jonathan Edwards Studies Vol. 3.1 (2013): 269–281.