Mike Kuhn

Assistant Professor in Discipleship and Biblical Theology


AA Montreat College
BA Belhaven College
MA (Arabic Language and Literature) American University of Cairo
M.Div. Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte NC)
Ph.D. University of Middlesex (UK) and OCMS


Mike has lived about 28 years in the Middle East. He wrote courses for ABTS online (2012-2014) and served as an Assistant Professor of Discipleship and Biblical Theology at ABTS from 2014-2018. He also served in Egypt for 16 years and is grateful for a long association with the Arab church.

Mike is married to Stephanie and they have three daughters, two of whom are married. They also have seven grandchildren. Mike and Stephanie currently make their home in the US. Outside of his academic pursuits, Mike enjoys outdoor activities (hiking and biking) as well as music (banjo and guitar).

Areas of research, writing and teaching

Comparative theologies in Islam and Christianity, Biblical theology, discipleship and spiritual formation.
His doctoral research was on the Trinitarian and Christological formulations of Arab theologians (Abbasid era) in the Muslim context.


Selection of scholarly, popular and creative contributions:

God is One: A Christian Defence of Divine Unity in the Muslim Golden Age. Langham Press, 2019.

Finding Hagar. God’s Pursuit of a Runaway. Langham Press, 2019.

World Christian Encyclopedia. “Lebanon.” Edinburgh University Press, 2020.

Allāh: Internalized Relationality: Awwaḍ Simʽān on the Trinitarian Nature of God. Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies, 2019.

Ibn al-Ṭayyib’s Trinitarian Formulation in the Islamic Milieu. Journal of Islam and Muslim Christian Relations. Vol. 29, p 121-143, 2018.

The Third Treatise of Sheikh Abū al-Faraj ʽAbd Allāh bin al-Ṭayyib on Unity and Trinity. Journal of Islam and Muslim Christian Relations, 2018.

Tawḥīd: Implications for Discipleship in the Muslim Context. Muslim Conversions to Christ. Ayman Ibrahim and Ant Greenham (eds.), Peter Lang Inc, 2018.

Session Three: Iliyyā of Nisibis’ Qur’anic Defense of Christian Monotheism. Leiden, Brill (translation and introduction). Christian-Muslim Relations: A Reader (600-1500), 2018.

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Fresh Vision for the Muslim World: An Incarnational Alternative. InterVarsity Press: Downers Grove, IL. 2009.

Go, Disciple: A Manual for Discipleship. (Arabic), Cairo, Egypt: Dar al-Kalima, 2003.


“Getting the Trinity out of the Ivory Tower”
“The US Immigration Ban: A View from the Kingdom”
“The Commodification of Mission in the Muslim World”
“Takfīr and Church Unity: Lessons from an Unlikely Source"
“Rethinking Hospitality: Pondering the Sexual Harassment Scandal in Germany”
"Jesus and the Overthrow of Religion"
"The New Face of ISIS"
"ISIS and the Apocalypse"
"Christians, Culture and Power"
"A Kingdom Reality-Check in the Middle East Crisis"