Rupen Das

Lead Faculty for MENA History, Politics and Economics


Certificate in Disaster Management from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.
Certificate in Refugee Studies from York University, Toronto, Ontario.
Certificate in Evaluating and Managing Evaluations of Humanitarian Action from ALNAP, UK.
B.Sc. from Syracuse University, New York, New York.
M.A. from Syracuse University, New York, New York.
D.Min. from the Acadia Divinity College at Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
Ph.D. (Candidate) in Theology at Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Areas of research, writing, and teaching

Missions, Global Christianity, the Local Church in the Global South, International Development, the Interface of Theology, Poverty, Compassion and Social Justice


Select Publications

Strangers in the Kingdom: Refugees, Migrants and the Stateless (Carlisle: Langham Global Library, 2017)

Compassion and the Mission of God: Revealing the Invisible Kingdom (Carlisle: Langham Global Library, 2016)

Connecting Curriculum with Context: A Handbook for Context Relevant Curriculum Development in Theological Education (Carlisle: Langham Global Library, 2016)

الكنيسة-والفقر (Beirut: Dar Manhal Al Hayat Publishers, 2015)

Profiles of Poverty: The Human Face of Poverty in Lebanon (Beirut: Dar Manhal Al-Hayat Publishers, 2011)

Articles in Christian Journals

A Compassionate Community: What did the Early Church Teach that made Christians “Lovers of the Poor”?

Global Missiology – Impact of the Local Church Full Rupen Das Seedbed article (June 2015)

Refugees: Exploring Theological and Missiological Foundations

Relevance and Faithfulness – Contextualizing Theological Education Relevance and_Faithfulness – InSight Journal

Articles, Chapters and Reports on Humanitarian Issues

Humanitarianism in Highly Religious Contexts

Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Iraq

Pre-War Assessment and Warning Iraq – Our Common Responsibility

Humanitarian Space in Unconventional Warfare 3BW Chapter – Humanitarian Space

Conference Presentations and Interviews

Reflections on the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis, October 2016 (ACCORD Annual Conference)

(Video) Connecting Curriculum with Context: The Foundations for Relevance in Theological Education, November 2015 (ICECTE 15)

(Video) Interview (2011) on Lebanese TV on Profiles of Poverty: The Human Face of Poverty in Lebanon


Compassion and the Mission of God