Master of Theology



Part – Time Mode

90 Credits

Purpose Statement

The Master of Theology (Research) program seeks to develop intellectuals and scholars for the Church in the Arab world by deepening the emerging Arabic-speaking scholars’ research skills and expert knowledge in the fields of biblical and theological studies.


The MTh (Research) at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary is a specialized graduate program in the fields of biblical and theological studies. It is a research-based, bilingual second theological degree. The program is designed for Arabic-speaking students with interest spanning various theological disciplines and aims to elevate critical thinking and promote strategic theological discourse within the Church.

The MTh (Research) is suitable for students who wish to advance their interest in theology to produce literature, participate in research projects, and teach in educational programs, and as well for those who want to build an academic foundation before pursuing graduate research studies (PhD). MTh (Research) aims to build on students’ previous academic experience by deepening their understanding of relevant areas of theological study. This program is highly suitable for those with an interest in exploring emergent topics of theological research at a graduate level.

Program Summary

The MTh (Research) is designed for seminary or university graduates who want to engage in graduate study in the field of theology. The program has been designed by ABTS and is delivered in Arabic while incorporating strong elements of English. Students are expected to produce academic work in Arabic.

The program is delivered online in two part-time modes over a period of 2.5/3.5 years. It encourages students to develop independent study skills in researching material, producing seminar contributions, writing papers, and completing a dissertation. (A full-time option will be considered at a later stage).

The MTh (Research) program consists of 90 ECTS credits and operates in a modular structure and is in two parts:
- Part One consists of 66 ECTS credits made up of 60 core credits (including biblical languages) and 6 elective credits.
- Part Two of the program consists of a dissertation accounting for 24 credits (approximately 20,000 words).

The MTh (Research) program consists of: