MRel Tuition and Costs


The tuition rates for the 2020-2021 academic year are as follow:*

  • Middle Eastern and North African Students (not in category 2): $735/module
  • Lebanese and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Students: $1,155/module
  • International Students: $1,470/module


Financial aid for deserving candidates is available. To obtain an application for financial aid or for more information:

Total Program Cost to Students Over 3 Years (in US dollars)**

MRel Tuition
One-time Application Fee 50 (additional $25 for late applications)
Core Module Tuition Fees 2,940, 4,629, 5,880
One-time Induction Module 116
Language and Electives Study Will vary as it is arranged by the student
Final Project 1,852
Travel, Room & Board
Travel 0-8,000
Room & Board 0-3,000
Misc. (Books, etc.) 1000

TOTAL (excluding language study)


* Please note the following:
  • The tuition rate applied is based on nationality, rather than on residency status, funding sources, or financial need.
  • Please note that Lebanese students can pay in LBP calculated at the unified platform rate. As for Non-Lebanese, payment should be made in cash or bank transfer – no credit card and no LBP.
  • Western women married to Lebanese men will pay the Lebanese tuition rate, as the Lebanese law allows them to obtain Lebanese citizenship.
  • Western men married to Lebanese women will pay the Lebanese tuition rate as well, even though the Lebanese law does not allow them to obtain Lebanese citizenship.
  • Application for financial assistance remains open to all students, regardless of the tuition rate applied to them, based on their family’s financial status and need, and provided they continue to meet academic standards and other graduate profile criteria satisfactorily. Applications for financial aid are received, and grants awarded, on a module-by-module basis.
  • Students should bear in mind that acquiring 18 credits in language study (about 270 hours)  may cost between $3,000-$4,000 over the 3 years.


** Tuition rates will be evaluated annually and are subject to increase.