Guidelines for Dialogue: Transforming Interfaith Encounters

Learning to explore faith in healthy ways is central to Khebz w Meleh. To help young people do this we ask everyone to commit to these simple guidelines:

  • Listen to what everyone has to sayrules
  • Be honest in what we say
  • Speak positively about my own faith, rather than negatively about other people’s
  • Respect other people’s views, even if I disagree
  • Not treat people here as spokespersons for their faith
  • Not tell others what they believe, but will let them tell me
  • Acknowledge similarities and differences between our faiths
  • Not judge people here by what some people of their faith do
  • Not force people to agree with my views
  • Make every effort to get along with  everyone regardless of their faith, gender, race or age
  • I will not assume someone’s political affiliation based on his or her faith