The objective of IMES’ Peacebuilding is to promote Christ’s model of peace, by creating multiple spaces for people from diverse social and religious backgrounds to come together, practice and experience the peace of Christ.

Five initiatives comprise the peacebuilding strategy of IMES. Each initiative aims at impacting a specific stratum of society, leading towards national-level impact on sectarianism, prejudice, real and potential armed conflict and violence, and historical inter-communal hurt. Building on 13 years of interfaith dialogue and our growing multi-faith network, IMES is strategically positioned for these Peacebuilding Initiatives.

These initiatives are initially carried out in Lebanon. Our vision is for these national achievements to become a transferrable peacebuilding model both regionally and globally. For this reason, IMES organized an international conference in February 2018 to share its learnings with participants from Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan among others.