Lebanon Practicum 2013 – Fuller SIS

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For specific questions, please contact IMES Projects Manager, Fuller alumnus, and 2008 Lebanon Practicum student Jesse Wheeler: JWheeler@ABTSlebanon.org

[Fuller SIS Courses]

MR591 | Middle East Conference Course (4 units) 

The Middle East Conference is an annual conference hosted by the Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS).  The conference draws Muslim and Christian clerics, students and scholars who gather for the purpose of dialogue.  All students are required to participate in this conference, which will count as 4 academic units.

In summer 2013, the Middle East Conference (June 17-21) will focus on “Your Rights & My Responsibilities: Biblical & Islamic Perspectives on Human Rights”. Upon completion of the Middle East Conference, the remainder of your time in Lebanon is split between Arabic classes and your practicum placement (for example, language classes in the morning and going to your placement in the afternoon).

MR548 | Levantine Arabic (4 units)

This course consists of 45 hours of Arabic language learning through the Academy of Languages and Practical Skills (ALPS) located in Beirut.  Course levels are available from beginner through advanced, and the school specializes in the Levantine dialect of Arabic.   The vision of ALPS is to “use learning of Arabic as a means to bridge the linguistic and cultural divide between people, increasing understanding and cooperation between individuals and institutions in the Middle East and in the World.”

MI530 | Crosscultural Work in Context (4 units)

Participants are placed in a practicum that pertains to their specific vocational interests.  With an array of organizations and ministries to choose from, this placement may focus on children at risk, community development, migration, urban issues, etc.  Furthermore, you may focus on any number of population groups in and around Beirut such as urban Sunni Beirutis, university students, inner-city Shiites, rural Druze and settled Bedouin.