MEI Costs

Estimated Expenses (2017)

IMES invoices each school or seminary for the full cost of the Middle East Immersion program (Tuition + Room & Board) which in turn bills students according to its established policies and procedures. Additional costs are the responsibility of the individual student as they arise.

The following breakdown will help the student adequately prepare for her/his time in Lebanon. But as a reminder, each academic institution has its own tuition costs associated with practicum and practical ministry placements. Likely additional expenses include travel, meals, special events, entertainment and shopping.  Some students choose to raise money through their local church or support network to fund the trip.

Institutional Expenses: *

Item Cost
MEI Tuition (12 credits)


MEC Fees $250
ALPS Fees[1] $516
Instruction Fees $1155
Administration Fees $300
Field Education Fees $300
ABTS Room & Board


Shared Room (6 weeks)[2] $700
Meals during MEC (9 meals) $110
Airport To/From $40



* Invoiced to the student’s institution which in turn bills the student

Additional Expenses: **

Item Cost


Travel Costs within Lebanon[3] $120-$420
Airfare to/from Lebanon[4] $1500-1800
Evacuation/Repatriation Insurance $170
Immunizations $0-400
Visa $35-70
Living Expenses


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
$7 / Breakfast – $10 / Lunch – $10 Dinner Per Meal
Internet[6] $0-$100
Optional & Miscellaneous Expenses


Cell phone[7]
Additional travel



**These costs are the individual responsibility of the student

[1] Priced at a beginner’s level group rate. Subject to change if private tutoring is required. Cost includes books.
[2] Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are purchased as needed. Individual meal vouchers are available at ABTS reception.
[3] Cost varies according to mode of transportation used.
[4] Airfare rates will of course vary dependent upon airline, date of travel, etc.
[6] Limited internet access is available free of charge in the ABTS Library or Computer Lab. Full internet access in room is available for purchase at ABTS reception: $3/1 hour; $6/3 hours; $15/10 hours.
[7] Purchasing a local/international SIM card is highly recommended.