MEI Partner Organizations

The following are an example of some of the partner organizations with which IMES has a long standing relationship:

Heart for Lebanon

Heart for Lebanon is an NGO in Lebanon started in response to the aftermath of the July 2006 war. It launched a series of relief activities in the North, South, Bekaa Valley, and suburbs of Beirut to reach the neediest of the needy but soon turned its focus to different community development projects, with a particular concern for children. Heart for Lebanon is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid, facilitating proper education, strengthening community development and promoting leadership empowerment. Its mission is to see lives changed and communities transformed.


Tahaddi (“challenge” in Arabic) is a non-profit organization aimed at facing the challenge of poverty by serving marginalized communities in Beirut, Lebanon. They run an education program for children too old to be integrated in the public school system or who have dropped out of school for social and economic reasons, as well as a community-based health center which offers free medical care to over 400 patients each month. In addition, Tahaddi’s social work team provides additional care and support for the most vulnerable families, with services like counseling, home visits, referrals to partner organizations and material assistance.

The Hope of the Nations Ministry Center

Opened in 2012, Hope of the Nations is a dynamic ministry center located in Beirut, Lebanon that is impacting the region. In 2014, an additional expansion location was established to meet the growing demand for discipleship. Hope of Nations invites Muslims to a relationship with Jesus Christ through bold evangelism, Bible distribution, and humanitarian aid. Its initiatives have been amazingly effective among Muslims, who are coming to faith in Christ and being discipled in increasing numbers. Right now one in three people in Lebanon is a refuge and the ministry center in Beirut welcomes over 600 refugees through their doors each month.

Beit el-Hanane

The mission of Beit el-Hanane (“Home of Tenderness” in Arabic) is to: a) Help women emotionally, psychologically, and physically; b) Help physically and mentally abused women regardless of one’s religion, sect, age, nationality, etc.; c) Find safe and secure places for the women after leaving Beit El-Hanane; d) Help women to be rehabilitated in order to become fully integrated in society; e) Help women improve their education through providing technical skills and training; f) Help women find fulfilling employment which will best utilize their talents and skills so that they may become self-supporting.

LSESD Relief and Development

The Relief and Development Program at the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD) was born out of emergency relief that LSESD provided to internally displaced persons (IDPs) during the 2006 War. That experience highlighted the opportunity to engage in development projects in the country, as was requested by former IDPs after they returned to their communities. The program was created and has since undergone rapid expansion back into the relief realm, responding to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Syria. This has become an impacting ministry, as churches have been the primary partners distributing relief supplies and conducting activities, resulting in unexpected fellowship between refugees and church members.

Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation

The Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation assists socially and economically vulnerable Armenian communities in the Middle East, Armenia, and Karabagh, with the aims of easing their suffering, enabling them to lead healthy, productive lives, and empowering them to achieve economic self-sufficiency. The Karagheusian Foundation’s Primary Healthcare Center in Burj Hammud, Lebanon, provides the Armenian community with a wide range of medical and dental services, including a comprehensive school-health program. The Foundation also benefits the community with a multifaceted social-assistance program, tutoring for at-risk youths, a study room, a summer camp, and a pioneering vocational-training program.

Safe Haven Home for Girls

Safe Haven Home for Girls is a home for abused and disadvantaged girls from all over Lebanon that seeks to provide the girls with the food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education that they previously had no access to; to teach them Biblical values and principles that will shape their character and guide them for the future; and to be a blessing to their immediate families – most of whom are from non-Christian backgrounds.