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“I had a life-changing experience during my field experience in Lebanon in the summer of 2008. This trip connected my academic experience, as a student at Fuller Theological Seminary, with real life opportunities for Kingdom service. I met and fell in love with the Lebanese people, both Muslims and Christians. The most impactful part of my time in Beirut was the volunteer service teaching English to pre-adolescent boys in the Burj Al-Barajne Palestinian refugee camp. This experience was transformational for me and set me on a path of ministry and mission to vulnerable people both in the Middle East and at home in Arizona. I am now working as Executive Director of Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding and as a faith organizer for immigration reform. As I look back, I can see very clearly how the Middle East Immersion experience prepared me for work in both of these areas. Lebanon is a unique and beautiful place for those who love adventure. I highly recommend this experience for anyone seeking to love Muslims and engage with the great Kingdom work happening there.”

  • Nayeli, Student of Intercultural Studies, MEI 2013:

“Although I had never been to a Middle Eastern country before, I came away from this program with a new-found excitement for how God is working among Muslims and Christians in the Middle East. This experience was transformative for me because it challenged many of my beliefs regarding Islam. It exposed me to respectful dialogue between Muslims and Christians during the Middle East Conference, enabled me to engage with Lebanese culture through language-learning, and it allowed me to put into practice what I learned through hands-on ministry experience.”

  • Josh, Student of Intercultural Studies, MEI 2013:

“I recommend the Middle East Immersion program to anyone who is interested in the affairs of the Middle East. Lebanon provides a microcosm of most everything that is occurring in the Middle East. Sectarianism, the Palestine question, and, at the time of this writing, the tragic events in Syria are just a few of the issues represented in Lebanon. This experience has given me a basic comprehension of the complexities that exist in the Middle East.”


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