Middle East Consultation

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Check out our newly launched book: The Religious Other: A Biblical Understanding of Islam, the Qur'an and Muhammad
We live at a time when religious diversity has become a fact of life in our globalized societies. Yet Christian engagement with Muslims remains complex, complicated by fear, misunderstanding and a history fraught with political and cultural tensions. These essays, drawn from the 2018 and 2019 Middle East Consultations hosted by the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary's Institute of Middle East Studies, engage the need for a carefully developed theological understanding of Islam, its origins and its sacred text. Weaving together the work of Christian scholars of Islam, the Bible, theology and missiology, along with the insights of ministry practitioners, this book combines scholarly exploration with pertinent ministry practice, offering a rich framework for the church to continue its conversation about its engagement with Muslim communities and its proclamation of Christ worldwide.
Check out: The Church in Disorienting Times: Leading Prophetically Through Adversity
Edited by Jonathan Andrews, the book is the output of MEC 2017. It seeks to inspire Christians worldwide to stand alongside people that are living through trauma and to provoke everyone, in the Middle East and elsewhere, to ask what they should be doing to encourage transformation of societies to today.