Mike Kuhn

Mike Kuhn

Assistant Professor in Discipleship and Biblical Theology, Program Support Faculty (MRel)


BA, Biblical Studies, Belhaven College (USA)
MA, Arabic Language and Literature, American University of Cairo (Egypt)
Mdiv, Reformed Theological Seminary (USA)
PhD, Christian Theological Response in the Islamic Milieu, OCMS - University of Middlesex (UK)


Mike is from the US (North Carolina) and has lived most of his adult life in the Arab world, learning much from the Arab church and the challenges of mission in this context. He lived two years in Paris, France before moving into North Africa. He spent sixteen years in Cairo, Egypt before returning to the US for a six-year stint in pastoral ministry. In 2012, he returned to the Middle East (ABTS) and continues to enjoy life and ministry here. Mike is Assistant Professor of Discipleship and Biblical Theology.

Mike enjoys grappling with Scripture where the church is marginalized and sometimes threatened. He finds the ABTS environment enjoyable as our students come from many diverse religious, ethnic and political backgrounds. For him, all theology is responsive to context therefore theology in the Middle East, though deeply rooted in the Scriptures, is constantly in dialogue with Islam as well as other intellectual and spiritual currents affecting life in the region.

Mike is married to Stephanie and they have three adult daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandsons. Some of his personal interests include: Music (banjo, guitar), hiking, culture and language, and counseling.

Areas of research, writing and teaching

Discipleship, Biblical Theology, Muslim-Christian Relations, Spiritual Formation, Islam, Christian theological response in the Muslim Context, Arab Christianity, Missiology


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Online Theological Courses (Arabic): ABTS Online and www.bounian.com

Old Testament Overview
Christian Ethics (co-author)
The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer
Church-Planting and Growth
Editor: Community Development; Biblical Theology; Parables of Jesus


“Jesus View of Women” (al-laḥdha—Arab periodical) Projected 7/2017

“The Israel of God” Seedbed (missiological publication) 2011

“Partnering with Nationals for the Right Reasons, in the Right Ways”: ACMC 2006

“The Quran, the Gospel and You”: Seedbed 2005

“Ghandi and the Arab Situation”: (Arabic): Enlightenment Documents 2003

Book Review of Islam in Conflict by Peter Riddell and Peter Cotterell: Seedbed 2003

“Life at the Center”: Seedbed 2003

Enlightenment Documents: Translation of numerous articles in Arabic 2001-03

“Five Things I Believe”: Practical Missiology: Seedbed 1998

“General and Special Revelation” (Arabic) Enlightenment Documents1998