MSA & Arabic Media Courses

If you already have a foundation in reading and writing Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), these classes are a great way to improve your comprehension and vocabulary as you read different articles.

What makes these classes practical?

- The centerpiece of the curriculum is actual Arabic articles. This allows you to go beyond a textbook and improve your Arabic by using a variety of real world examples. You will still study some grammar, but the focus will be practically understanding and reading various articles.
- In addition to the written articles, you'll hear each one like you are listening to it on the radio. This will help you improve your listening comprehension, pronunciation, and master the topic.
- You'll read multiple articles from different topics: politics, business, culture and literature. So for example, if you are reading and talking about elections, you will read several articles about various elections. As you read the articles, you will see certain words repeated in each article: voting, candidate, names of parties etc and this will help you become more comfortable with the vocabulary and the topic.

Intro to Media

Arabic (Level 1)

This class is for students who have a foundation in MSA and want to improve listening, reading, and conversation skills in Modern Standard Arabic. You'll cover a variety of topics from business and economics, politics, culture, and sports. These articles are a great place to start; they are short, but full of useful vocabulary.

Arabic Articles (Level 2)

These articles cover a variety of topics and are longer and more advanced than level 1. Along with the articles you'll also have audio recordings.

Arabic Literature (Level 3)

These articles focus on culture and literature and are the most advanced. Just like the other two levels, you'll also have audio recordings.

Cost is based on the number of students in your class.

Course Type

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

After 4:00 PM

1:1 Tutoring

USD 25/hour

USD 26/hour

Class with 2 Students

USD 14/hour

USD 15/hour

3-4 Student Class

USD 10/hour

USD 11/hour

5+ Student Class

USD 9/hour

USD 9/hour

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