MTh in Middle Eastern Studies Tuition and Costs

The cost of one credit is 150 US dollars, which is equivalent to 13,500 US dollars for the entire degree. The vision and mission of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary is to serve the church in the Arab world by equipping faithful men and women for effective service. Therefore, ABTS makes every effort to provide scholarships that cover the cost of study for Arab students. ABTS, through its partners, supports Arab students serving in the region who cannot afford the full financial cost of the program by a maximum of 90%, making the program available to leaders and ministry team members. Each student must complete a financial form before starting the program to ensure that scholarships go to the students most in need. For non-Arab students, application for financial assistance remains open, based on their family’s financial status and need, provided they continue to meet academic standards and other graduate profile criteria satisfactorily. Applications for financial aid are received, and grants awarded, on a module-by-module basis. To obtain an application for financial aid or for more information:

All students are expected to cover their travel expenses for the residency period. This includes ticket, accommodation, and food costs during their stay.