The Journey of our New Strategic Direction

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2020 – from Calamity to Evolution, from Lament to Celebration: A New Ministry Season for ABTS

Elie Haddad
June 15, 2020
Chapter one

The pandemic has caused global disruption and has forced the world to rethink priorities and methods, and even to raise core and foundational questions about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

This is no different for ABTS. Life was suddenly disrupted by the pandemic, as the majority of our programs and initiatives revolve around bringing people together...
Wading Through the Challenges Toward a New Operational Framework (2)

Wading Through the Challenges Toward a New Operational Framework

Walid Zailaa
July 14, 2020
Chapter two

Last month, ABTS President Elie Haddad introduced the rationale behind our curriculum’s new format and its key elements. This is proving to be a timely radical transition. In his article, Elie promised to keep you posted as our explorations mature. The journey so far has been both exciting and challenging. Together, we have learned that the notion of “waiting for the storm to pass” so we can re-introduce our theology program…
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Developing the New Non-Formal Components: The Curriculum Story Continues

Bassem Melki
August 12, 2020
Chapter three

At the end of last month’s article, Walid Zailaa mentioned that we had begun to craft the non-formal components of the modified residential program curriculum, which is the next step in the design. Such components have played a significant role in our residential students’ growth for years.

As the Leadership Team pursued a distance-learning program for ABTS, our challenge was whether we could create an...
Faculty Article

The Central Role of Faculty in ABTS’ Emerging Hybrid Program

Martin Accad
September 14, 2020
Chapter four

I expect that the previous three articles (June-July-August) written by my colleagues, Elie, Walid and Bassem, have made it abundantly clear to our friends and partners around the world how the multiple crises that Lebanon has gone through since last summer have shaken ABTS to the core. What life has taught me, however, is that crises often give us the courage to enact those long-term changes that we have known for…
Innovation & Collaboration

Innovation and Collaboration: The Story Continues

Elie Haddad
October 15, 2020
Chapter five

Back in April 2020, when we had to respond to the multiple layers of crises disrupting our operation, we quickly realized that this was the perfect storm that God will use to propel us into asking foundational questions that govern our ministry. We knew that the time had come to rediscover the mission that God is giving us for this new season, identify the essentials that we need to hold on to, and be prepared to make some uncomfortable changes…

To be continued...