KwM: Curriculum

Khebz w Meleh’s curriculum is set around 8 steps:

Our curriculum engages youth in discussions around faith; what starts out as conversation in steps 1-4, develops into commendable social action in steps 5-7:

Step 1: Discussion around Faith & Identity
Step 2: Discussion around Faith & Worship
Step 3: Discussion around Faith & Conflict
Step 4: Discussion around Faith & Deeds
Step 5: Designing a Social Initiative based on our Faith’s call to Action
Step 6: Planning the Social Initiative
Step 7: Implementing the Social Initiative
Step 8: Evaluate the Initiative

Following the completion of the above 8 steps, participants become holders of the Khebz w Meleh Ambassador title. KwM Ambassadors represent KwM in various events nationally, regionally and internationally. They are also eligible to become KwM session facilitators.