KwM: Guidelines for Dialogue - Transforming Interfaith Encounters

Learning to explore faith in healthy ways is central to Khebz w Meleh.

Through our 11 Guidelines for Dialogue young people are equipped with the necessary tools for effective and fruitful communication:

1. Listen to what everyone has to say.
2. Do not tell others what they believe, but let them tell you.
3. Do not force people to agree with your views.
4. Acknowledge similarities and differences between our faiths.
5. Speak positively of your own faith, rather than negatively about other people’s.
6. Make every effort to get along with everyone, regardless of their faith, gender, race, or age.
7. Do not treat someone as a spokesperson for their faith or culture.
8. Be honest in what you say.
9. Do not judge people here by what some people of their faith or community do.
10. Respect other people’s views, even if you disagree.
11. I will not assume someone’s political affiliation based on his or her faith.