Forum for Current Affairs

Since 2017, the Forum for Current Affairs has brought key evangelical church and organizational leaders into discussion over current issues and how the Arab Church can rise to meet the challenges its community is facing in a contextual and effective manner.

In 2020, the Forum became more focused on developing contextual theories for the Arab Church so that it can respond to the needs in its community in an effective and impactful manner. With its first topic of focus, the Forum took on the shape of an action research initiative that focuses on developing a Biblical/contextual theory of peacemaking and conflict resolution for application in Lebanese church settings.

Led by Bassem Melki, the initiative features a collaborative team of 14 Lebanese evangelical leaders who have participated in collecting real life experiences and using them to direct the formation of the Forum’s theory for peacemaking and conflict resolution. As the theory develops, the Forum is looking to expand the theory so that it benefits the Arab Church, its constituents, and its greater communities.