Partnership Oppurtunities

for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Ideally located in Lebanon, ABTS is able to fulfill its mission of serving the Church in the Middle East and North Africa by taking on students from all around the Arab world and from all Protestant denominations. As you prayerfully ponder partnership in God’s Kingdom, we would like to share with you opportunities for investing in the mission of ABTS of serving the Church in our region by equipping men and women for ministry.

To learn about our current funding priorities and areas of most need, please contact the Development and Partner Relations Manager. We welcome full or partial contributions to the budget figures listed.

Campus Renovation and Development

· Capital Development 1: Annual Campus Maintenance | CD1
ABTS is blessed with a spacious and green campus. Annually, our facilities team maintains the campus buildings and infrastructure and the green spaces.
Budget: $10,000 annually

Sponsor a Student’s Child

· Residential Program Students’ Children Support | ST2
Every year, mature couples from across the Arab world, with years of ministry experience, answer God’s calling to theological education. Often, they have several children. ABTS provides room and board, and age-appropriate schooling (nursery to K-12) for the children of our students.
Budget: $6,000 per student’s child per year


· Library Development and Resource Expansion
The Finlay Graham Memorial Library, staffed by our two librarians, seeks to provide theological resources for all library patrons, mainly our faculty and students.

- Developing library collections | Lib1
Budget: $10,000 annually for purchase of approximately 400 books and resources, including cost of shipment and customs clearance
- Installing wooden bookshelves to increase capacity | Lib2
Budget: $5,750 for five bookshelves
- Access to online religious articles database for faculty and students | Lib3
Budget: $3,500 a year for access to EBSCO’s ATLA Religious Database

Sponsor an Online Theology Student

· Online Program Support | ST3
In order to take the learning to the leaders where they are serving, ABTS launched a unique program, the Certificate in Ministry, comparable to the first year of the Bachelor of Theology. Our online program is heavily subsidized. More than 95% of its cost is covered through partnership with churches, ministries and foundations in the West.
Budget: $6,000 per student per degree

Sponsor a Residential Theology Student

· Residential Program Scholarship Support | ST1
The fees, tuition, and textbooks amount to a yearly total of $6,000. Room and board amount to $4,000, which comes to the annual total of $10,000 for one scholarship for a full-time Arab student.
Budget: $10,000 per student per year

Student Laptops and Software

· Educational Technology: Laptops and Software for New Students | ET1
ABTS provides first-year students with laptops to use throughout their time at ABTS, and they keep them upon graduation for use in their respective ministries.
Budget: $500 per student for laptops and office software; $7,000 yearly average for laptops to all students (The students are only required to contribute $100 towards the laptop cost.)

General Support

· Sponsor a Faculty Position | ST4
Core faculty have the ownership of the curriculum and oversee the fulfillment of our educational programs’ goals and alignment with the mission statement of ABTS. The core faculty review the curriculum and gather lessons learned from every academic year, which in turn feeds into the following academic years’ courses and modules.
Budget: $10,000 annually subsidizes the salary of an Arab core faculty member
· Arab World Outreach and Program Promotion | ST5
An integral part of the ministry of ABTS is to maintain constant communication with Arab church leaders. Every year, ABTS leadership and faculty travel within the Arab world and outside, and attend mission and prayer conferences, in order to share about our programs and meet potential students.
Budget: $5,000 for two trips annually
· Student Life
Lead by Dean of Students Bassem Melki, our Student Affairs Team pastors and cares for our seminary students (and their children), and provides an environment for transformation. Throughout the academic year, in addition to mentoring, counseling and conflict resolution, the team plan retreats, Bible study and prayer meetings, and trips for our students.

- Annual Students’ Retreat | SL1
Budget: $4,500 annually, which covers room and board in a retreat location
- Sponsor the Dean of Students Position | SL2
Budget: $12,000 annually.
- Compassionate Care Ministry Project | SL3
ABTS directly engages in relief work for refugees by giving our students an opportunity to serve others.
Budget: $5,000 annually
· Faculty and Staff Development | FS1
Budget: Between $10,000 and $15,000 annually contributes to building strong personnel of local faculty members who can in turn build a strong student body to ultimately serve the Arab Church, and to build a strong staff team who can make ABTS more sustainable.

Institute of Middle East Studies

· Scholarships for Arab Students in the Master of Religion in MENA Studies | IMES1
Budget: $16,000 for one Arab student to complete the MRel over a period of two years and half, including room and board during four residencies, books, elective fees and library access.
· Middle East Consultation (MEC)

- MEC Project Support | IMES2
Budget: $20,000 annually
- Scholarships for Arab MEC Participants | IMES3
Budget: $1,000 per individual, which covers the participation fees of an Arab Christian worker at MEC, as well as room and board, partial travel and visa costs.

Thank you for considering partnering with us. May God bless you richly.