Partnership Opportunities

Strategically located in Lebanon, ABTS is able to fulfill its mission of serving the Church in the Middle East and North Africa region by enrolling students from all around the Arab world and from all Protestant denominations. As you prayerfully ponder partnership in God’s Kingdom, we would like to share with you opportunities for investing in the our mission to serve the Church in our region by equipping faithful men and women for effective ministry.

To learn about our current funding priorities and areas of most need, please contact our Director of Partnerships.
We welcome full or partial contributions to the budget figures listed.

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

Sponsor a Student in the Integrated Theology Program | $20,000
Equip a leader [Man/Woman] from the Middle East and North Africa region to serve the Church in their country effectively and faithfully. This amount covers tuition fees and residencies for 5 years of half-time study.
Sponsor a Student in the Online Certificate Program | $6,000
Enable Arab church leaders and workers to get theological education and Biblical formation while continuing to attend to their ministerial responsibilities. This amount supports one online student to complete their Certificate in Ministry.
Library | $20,000
Help us grow our library with physical and digital resources that support our academic programs.
General Support | $10,000
Support other aspects of our ministry. This support goes to where it is needed most in the ABTS ministry.
Campus Renovation | $20,000
Develop ABTS campus facilities. Current needs include the upkeep of ABTS buildings and constructing underground cisterns to securely store diesel for our electricity generators.
Master of Religion Scholarship | $10,000
Contribute towards the tuition of students pursuing the Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. This degree program is tuition-based. We provide assistance to those coming from less-resourced communities.
Peacemaking | $30,000
Support the peacemaking efforts that build Arab churches to serve their communities.

Thank you for considering partnering with us. May God bless you richly.