Prayer Requests



Elia | Program Lead
Let us pray together for peace in the Arab world. Pray that the Lord provides for the needs of our students. Pray for the tutors, that the Lord gives them wisdom and spiritual maturity to encourage and support our students effectively and in a Christlike manner. Finally, pray for me, that the Lord gives me strength and wisdom as I seek to balance between my family, ministry, work, and education as I pursue a Master of Theology.

Zeina | Tutor
Pray that the Lord gives us wisdom and strength in our ministry with the students so that we are able to serve them better. Also, pray for me and my family, that the Lord helps us make it through all the difficulties we face.

Mohamed | Tutor
Please pray for the Sudanese students who have had to suspend their studies because of the conflict in Sudan. Pray for the students, that the Lord strengthens and provides for them as they seek to serve Him, grow in their ministries, and support their families. Finally, pray that He gives us the wisdom and ability to encourage and support as many students as possible.

Mario | Student
I ask you to pray that the Lord gives me wisdom as I continue my studies, especially as I balance between my ministry and my theological education. Also, pray that the Lord use my ministry to bring glory to Him.

Tonina | Student
Thank you for praying for us! I ask you to pray for the ministry I am part of, that we are able to win people for His Kingdom. Pray for my family. My mom recently came to Christ! Pray that she and I together can reach out to our family with the gospel! Pray for my education, that I continue to grow as a minister and follower of Christ. Finally, I ask you to pray that He sends me a husband after His own heart if marriage is in His will for my life.

Zahir | Student
I thank the Lord for what I am learning in the program. Please pray that the Lord gives me strength and passion for learning as I approach the end of my studies for my Certificate degree, and as I look for ways to continue my theological education. Pray that He gives me wisdom as I seek to balance between my responsibility towards my education, ministry, and family. Also, pray for the Church in Algeria, that we come together around the Lord and look to Him in one spirit.


Maria Mansour | Academic Assistant
Pray that the Lord grants me wisdom and perseverance as I seek to serve Him through my work at ABTS. Pray for our students, faculty, and staff, that they remain faithful in their walks with Him. Pray that we may all grow and reflect Christ to the people around us. Also, pray that we are active participants in sharing the gospel with our communities.

Mirella Kazan | Administrative Coordinator
I am thankful for what the Lord is doing in and around us. I ask you to pray for our students, that the Lord continues to shape them into Christlike ministers through their theological education. Pray for our faculty and staff who always work hard, that we always give our best to the Lord.

Josephine Sabbagh | Alumni Relations Coordinator
Please pray for our alumni, who are engaged in different ministries around the world. Many of them face challenges, so I ask you to pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual protection over them.

Habil Luka | Bachelor of Theology graduate serving in Sudan
Pray that we as His Church embody Kingdom Ethics as we reach out to those who have not received the gospel message yet. Pray that the Lord plants churches in non-Christian areas so that non-Christian background believers can have a place to meet and practice their faith. Finally, pray for Sudan, that the Lord uses His Church, amidst the difficulty, to create peace and share His hope.

Yaser Shinan | Bachelor of Theology graduate serving in Lebanon
The church I pastor is moving to a new, larger building where we can better serve the differently abled peopled in our community. Pray for this move, that the Lord sees us through it, and that He carries it out smoothly. Also, pray for us, that the Lord uses us as His Salt and Light. Finally, pray for the growth of His Kingdom, that more souls would be saved through Christ.

Sousanna | Bachelor of Theology graduate serving in Sudan
The Lord has blessed us with a bountiful harvest, and His Church here is growing. Please pray for my husband and I as we lead the church here, that the Lord gives us the wisdom we need to serve Him and share His gospel. Pray for the people who are part of our church, that the Lord strengthens them in their faith. Pray we all remain faithful stewards over the resources He has entrusted us with.