Prayer Requests



Atieh from Syria
Please pray for me and my wife as we venture to interact with a group of people who have a desire to hear God’s word. We pray that God grants us wisdom and that we use what we learn at seminary to communicate the gospel to them faithfully. We also pray that the Lord grants us enough time to focus on our children. We do not want to do ministry at the expense of our children.

Zineb from Morocco
Please pray for my family in Morocco and my husband’s family in Syria that they may know the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Please also pray for my daughters because they are going through their teenage years, so may they experience God’s care and follow His path rather than the path of the world.

Jalil from Yemen
Please pray that I may be given strength as I pursue my theological education this year. Pray that I have new encounters with God and experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I also ask you to pray for my ministry among the Yemeni people.

Balgis from Sudan
Recently, I took a translation course, something I have been wanting to do for quite a while. I have a vision of translating the Bible to my mother tongue because I firmly believe that more people from my Sudanese tribe will be coming to Christ, and they will be needing Bibles in their language. So, I ask you to pray for me as I pursue this endeavor.

Haroun from Sudan
Pray for me that the Lord grants me grace, wisdom, power, and energy so I may move forward in my ministry to college students according to the Lord’s calling for me.

Elias from Syria
Please pray for my ministry at my local church, and please pray that He uses me more and more for His glory. May the seeds that God sows through me fall on good ground so that they grow and bear fruit in due time.


Vanessa Tawk | HR Coordinator
Please pray that my parents come to know the Lord Jesus as a personal Savior and experience the spiritual riches and joy of living in His presence.

Reem El Khoury | Peacemaking Field Coordinator
Please pray for God’s blessings on our peacemaking programs. We pray that He would use us to make an impact in the lives of youths and train them to be peacemakers within their communities and surroundings. I ask you to pray that I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus as I live this life with Him.

George Chamoun | Accountant
Please pray for my upcoming marriage. Pray for me and my fiancée as we prepare to spend our lives together. We pray that every step we take is in God’s will, and that we are spent in His service.

Carol Cheaib | Media and Public Relations Officer
Pray for me that with each day I grow in God’s knowledge and experience His presence. Please pray that I grow as a minister of His Kingdom as I serve and live for Him. I also ask you to pray for my loved ones who have not yet come to know Christ.

Bassem Melki | Peacemaking and Non-Formal Training Director
Pray with us that God uses every opportunity He’s given us to hold peacemaking and non-formal training to transform the lives of individuals, churches, and communities.

Abed El Kareem Zien El Dien| Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry
Please lift our first-year students in prayer so that they are able to persevere as they balance various responsibilities including ministry and theological training.

Kees van der Knijff | Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
Please pray for our new Master of Theology students. All of them have a busy life alongside their studies, but they are devoted to giving their studies the time and energy that they need.

Grace Al-Zoughbi Arteen | Lecturer in Theological Education
Please pray that the students continue to grow in their faith despite the daily challenges they encounter, and please pray that they have more opportunities to share the love of Jesus with others, especially now with Christmas approaching.