Prayer Requests



Lilaf Abdo | Third-Year Student
I ask you to pray for my three daughters, that they grow up in His grace and providence, and that they become beacons of His love wherever they go. Pray for the believers here in Lebanon that the Lord protects them amid all the difficulties the country is going through. Pray for the people we are reaching out to, that the Lord brings them to Him. Finally, pray for my family, that the Lord keeps us and guides us in our journey with Him.

Anthony Jawharji | Fifth-Year Student
Pray that the Lord uses my and my wife’s ministry in the North of Lebanon to fulfill His will for the area. Pray that He gives us wisdom and energy to serve the souls He has entrusted to us and that we are able to meet the needs of the ministry. Pray also for my outreach ministry, that the Lord uses it to reach those who are seeking to know the truth.

Olfat Sleem | Third-Year Student
I ask you to pray for the security and economic situation in Syria, and that the Lord intervenes and brings change. Pray for my ministry, that I am always humble and ready to serve Him where He sees fit. Pray, finally, that I continue to walk in His will.

Ebtesam Al Frehat | Third-Year Student
Thank you for lifting us in prayer. I ask you to continue praying for my family. Pray for my husband, that he comes to accept Christ as His savior. Pray also, for me, that the Lord would keep me healthy now that I have recovered from cancer.

Bassem Melki | Faculty
Pray that the Lord walks with the students along their journey of theological education. Pray that He keeps them motivated and focused during their studies. Pray that they have strength and wisdom as they balance ministry, family, and life. Finally, pray that they always seek to know the true identity of Christ.

Dustin Ellington | Faculty
Pray for wisdom, insight, and maturity for our students as they journey toward understanding God, letting this understanding shape their understanding of themselves, and also their journey toward explaining God to others. Also, pray for the many who come from non-Christian background, and the many who have a privileged role in helping people who don’t come from a Christian background to understand how to know the Father through Jesus Christ.


Bachelor of Theology Student
Join me in thanking the Lord for His blessings and all He has done for us. I ask you to pray for the difficult situation here in my country. We have recently been facing water scarcity. Pray for the ministry here, that the Lord blesses our work and that it bears fruit for His Kingdom. Finally, pray for my theological education, that the Lord strengthens me on this journey.

Oussama | Bachelor of Theology Student and Pastor
I ask you to pray for my theological education. Pray for the churches and church groups that my ministry team wants to plant. Pray that we are driven by His will and guidance. Finally, pray that the Lord strengthens me in my walk with Him.

Bachelor of Theology Student
I ask you to pray for my future in ministry, that the Lord guides me according to His will. Pray that He gives me the strength and wisdom to follow Him in my daily life. Pray, finally, for my family, that they come to know Christ as their savior.

Hasnaa | Bachelor of Theology Student Serving through Relief and Youth Ministry
I am going through some personal difficulties that often bring me down and discourage me, and sometimes hinder my theological education, but God is good, and every time I am discouraged, he intervenes and lifts me up. I ask you to pray for these difficulties, that the Lord would strengthen me as I learn to deal with them effectively.

Walid Zailaa | Academic Dean
Pray with us that the church in North Africa continues to grow as it reaches out to its surroundings. Pray that it is active in its community, responding prophetically to the needs in its context. Pray for unity in the church, and that the Lord keeps it through tribulation as it faces difficulty and persecution.

Rana Wazir Zailaa | Registrar
Pray for our students and alumni serving their people. Pray for their ministries and the impact they are having in their communities. The church in the North African country we visited has a real heart for mission and outreach, so pray for the ministry teams that are going out and starting home groups, that the Lord would use them for the growth of His Kingdom.

Bassem Melki | Director of Non-formal Training
As we prepare for this year’s Middle East Consultation, pray that the church becomes better aware of the need for and importance of a biblical and contextual approach to conflict resolution and reconciliation. Pray that the leaders trained through the ministry remain excited about peacemaking and dare to go against the grain so that they become Christlike agents of change in their communities.