Prayer Requests



Yaser from Syria | Bachelor of Theology
Please pray for the church I pastor, that we serve Him humbly and wholeheartedly, and that we reach out to people with disabilities in a Christ-like manner.

Yousif from Sudan | Bachelor of Theology
I ask you to pray for the church that the Lord used me to plant; pray for me as I pastor it, and pray that we reach out to our community faithfully. Pray for my wife and son, and pray for the economic situation of Sudan.

Sousanna from Sudan | Bachelor of Theology
Pray for the Sudanese Church. May it rid itself of tribal conflicts so that is unified in love. Pray that peace and stability pervade it so that it no longer goes through leadership and spiritual crises. Please pray for the youth that they may run after God with all their hearts and minds. Pray for married couples and broken families. Pray for those who have lost hope in one another and, worse still, in the Lord.

El Sadig from Sudan | Bachelor of Theology
I ask you to continue praying that all my family members would come to Christ. Pray for me also as I approach my graduation so that my eyes are fixed on my future vision for ministry.

Student from Morocco | Bachelor of Theology  
Please pray that the Lord uses my ministry as a means of launching a discipleship movement in Morocco.

Raymond from Lebanon | Certificate in Ministry
Pray with me that my outreach ministry spreads across Lebanon and that the Lebanese Church develops a heart for missions.

Nadim from Lebanon | Certificate in Ministry
I ask you to pray for my ministry. I feel that the Lord has called me to serve Him in my local church through teaching, preaching, and outreach. Please pray for me and my wife as we venture to start a family together; may our future children be for the Lord.

Lilaf from Syria | Certificate in Ministry
I pray for the extension of God’s Kingdom in the Middle East and around the world. Every living being on this earth is in need of salvation. We pray for lost souls. Pray also for me and my family. We may need to find another host country, if it is God’s will for us, because as much as we love Lebanon, life is becoming harder for us here. Pray that we make Jesus known to others wherever we go.

Emad from Syria | Certificate in Ministry
We need much prayer for our ministry because up until today, we do not have a center, and we cannot hold trainings or big meetings. Pray also for those who serve the Lord alongside us.

Zena from Lebanon | Master of Religion
Please pray for me and for the Lebanese people. We are all tired of the economic situation, so pray that we keep on hoping. I have been called to stay in Lebanon and serve my people, so pray for the strength to do so as I strive to raise my three kids while their father is away and to take care of my parents as well.

Reed from the US | Master of Religion
Please pray for me as I help lead future short-term mission trips to Lebanon, and for holistic fundraising and educational efforts within Texas. Please pray that our group communicates the needs well and always keeps Jesus at the center whenever we speak about Lebanon and the Arab world.


Daniel | Iraqi
I ask you to pray for me, my fellow students, the people at ABTS, and the members of the greater Arab Church. May we constantly place ourselves under His will for our lives, and may He use us as His hands and feet, seeking the Kingdom on earth.

Elias | Syrian
Please pray that the Lord helps me mature in His word and find healing from past trauma. Please pray that He helps me as I strive to be faithful and qualified to help others find healing, including the youth I serve. I hope to see them become qualified disciples for the growth of the Church and the extension of God’s Kingdom.

Anthony and Stephanie | Lebanese
Please pray for our family as we strive to reach out to others with the gospel. The enemy “prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8 NIV)”, so may we be alert and stand firm in the faith. Please pray that God continues His work through the ministry center where we serve and that, through us, the Lord plants a church that is rooted in Him.

Michel | Yemeni
Please pray for Yemen, that the Lord may bring peace and an end to this war. Also, please pray for my wife. Her cancer returned recently, and she has been struggling with it a lot.

Shiar | Syrian
I ask you to pray for the Arab church in Canada that it grows into a living community of believers. Pray for the Kurdish church, as there is a large need among the Kurdish community. Pray for my family, that the Lord uses all of our resources in service of His Kingdom.

Zineb | Moroccan
Please pray for all those who contact us through our online ministry seeking the Truth. May we be a cause of blessing in their lives so that they may know the Lord. Please pray for my husband and kids. May we live together in the love of Christ, and may our daughters know Christ from a young age. Pray also that my parents accept Him before it is too late.

Haroun | Sudanese
Please pray that the Lord grants me grace, wisdom and energy to continue relaying His message to those who do not know Him. Please pray that the Lord helps me form a ministry, which by God’s grace, will make a change through equipping future leaders in the Al Jazeera State.

A Prayer for Lebanon
We invite you to pray with us for Lebanon. Our country is deeply wounded, and many can barely make it through the day. Not very long-ago Beirut suffered from a horrific explosion, but if we look closely, we see God’s mercy extended to countless individuals and families who had lost so much. It is in this God that we place our trust and hope. We know that He has been working here when He seemed to be most absent. So, let us be united in prayer, as members of one Body, for He who sees all things also listens and answers according to His unsearchable wisdom.

August 4, 2022

Pray with us for:

  • Those who continue to struggle physically, psychologically, and emotionally as a consequence of the blast, that the healing and comforting presence of God continue to work in their lives.
  • Those who have yet to fix their damaged homes, or whose homes have been lost and still do not have a permanent place to stay, that they come to find their abidance in Christ.
  • Those who are struggling because of the economic and political situation in Lebanon, that they come to know the timely providence and overwhelming love of Christ.
  • Those who continue to serve the people impacted by the blast, that they continue to reflect Christ and bear prophetic witness to those looking for hope.
  • Those who have yet to see justice come to pass, that the mercy and wisdom of Christ pervades every aspect of their lives.