Prayer Requests



Mireille | Tutor
Pray with us for our students, that the Lord may continue to work through them in their ministries and churches. Pray they grow as Christlike disciples, reflecting Christ in all they do. Pray also that He protects them and gives them the wisdom and strength needed to serve Him faithfully and reflect His love amid their communities.

Zeina | Tutor
Pray for our students as they seek to live as Christlike disciples by following His teachings in a region that is in dire need of peace and reconciliation with God. Pray for non-Christian background believers as they learn to lead Christlike lives amid their communities. Pray that the Lord helps them meet the difficulties in their context and live as true disciples.

Magi | Tutor
Pray for our students, their families, ministries, and their journeys in theological education. Many of the students face difficulties, whether familial, financial, health-related, or other. Pray that the Lord gives them the support they need, and that He strengthens them as they seek to fulfill His will for their lives.

Walid | Student
It is a blessing to know that you are praying for us. Pray that the Lord helps me stay humble, always seeking His guidance and will for my life. Pray also for my ministry. I serve through discipleship and teaching at my church, and I help where I am needed. Pray that I always dedicate my work to Him. Pray also that the Lord gives me the strength and wisdom needed to serve Him faithfully.

Bahaa | Student
Pray for my church. These past months, we have been dedicating time to discerning His vision for our church. Pray that our discernment is guided by the Spirit and that it brings Him glory. Pray for our search for a new pastor. Finally, pray that we act as faithful stewards over the talents that the Spirit places among us.

Rania | Student
Pray that the Lord uses me as He sees fit, through my ministry and family, so that I bring glory to His name through all that I do. Pray that I always walk in His will for my life, that I grow in my knowledge of Him, and that I surrender to the guidance of the Holy Spirit for my life. Pray that He gives me wisdom so that I do not create hardships for others but rather attract them to Him. Finally, pray that He helps me care of my family with love and wisdom.


Bassem | Director of Peacemaking and Non-formal Training
We ask you to pray that we continue to seek out and respond to God’s voice, and that our work is impactful and fruitful for His Kingdom. Pray with us also as we prepare for our Middle East Consultation 2024, that God guides the Non-formal Training team to have a strong desire for reconciliation within and between churches. Finally, pray for the team, that the Lord gives us the strength and wisdom as we seek to serve Him through our peacemaking and non-formal theological training workshops.

Ghida | Peacemaking and Non-formal Training Coordinator
Pray with us for God’s continued guidance at the start of this new year. Pray that He may continue to grant us understanding and discernment as we seek to respond to His voice. Also, pray for protection and unity in the department.

Reem | Peacemaking Field Coordinator
Pray with us that the Lord leads the development of our program curricula. Pray that we are able to reach the right people with our training, and that we are able to effectively prepare people to serve the Lord in their communities. Finally, pray for healing and change in the hearts of the youth who are part of our programs.

Abed | Assistant Professor and Head Librarian
Please pray for discernment for the Peacemaking and Non-formal Theological Training team as we seek to respond to His voice in our preparation for our workshops and the Middle East Consultation 2024. Pray also for the Library and Research Center team to serve people effectively.

Sandy | Librarian
Please pray that the Lord helps us overcome any challenges we face, and that He guides and grows us as we seek to serve Him through our work at the Library and Research Center. Pray for protection over the building. Pray also for our digital library, that it continues to grow and serve seminary students and theologians in the region. Finally, pray that we are able to serve those who come to the center as best as we can.

Walid | Academic Dean
Please pray for our new Library and Research Center. Our goal is to nurture emerging scholars, and to support our students, church leaders, and the local community. The demand for such scholars is high in our context. We ask for your prayers that the center becomes a valuable resource for local leaders and emerging scholars who can contribute theologically to the church and the Arabic Christian library.