Prayer Requests


August 4, 2022

Pray with us for:

  • Those who continue to struggle physically, psychologically, and emotionally as a consequence of the blast, that the healing and comforting presence of God continue to work in their lives.
  • Those who have yet to fix their damaged homes, or whose homes have been lost and still do not have a permanent place to stay, that they come to find their abidance in Christ.
  • Those who are struggling because of the economic and political situation in Lebanon, that they come to know the timely providence and overwhelming love of Christ.
  • Those who continue to serve the people impacted by the blast, that they continue to reflect Christ and bear prophetic witness to those looking for hope.
  • Those who have yet to see justice come to pass, that the mercy and wisdom of Christ pervades every aspect of their lives.


Sara, student | American serving in Lebanon
Ask that God would get the glory as we MRel students pursue deeper understanding in the fields God has placed us. Ask that God would give us all the help that we need, all the wisdom, discernment and knowledge that we need not just to get high marks, but to grow in His presence, because we want Him to use us beautifully and powerfully for the kingdom. God is up to something greater than these simple projects, but these simple projects are a part of that greater thing. Pray for a deeper enjoyment of Him as we learn and offer our minds up to Him. God is good.

Miles, student | British serving in the MENA region
Please pray that God would guide me as I apply the principles learnt through the MRel to my work. Pray that I would better honour Him and serve others with the deepened knowledge and understanding that comes with my studies. Pray also that I would be able to discern, trust and pursue His will in all the challenges and opportunities that arise in the course of my endeavours.

Ramy, student | Egyptian serving in the MENA region
We need to be filled with wisdom and humility to utilize what we have learned to help people know God more and glorify Him. Also, we pray to have God’s heart for the people and to be guided by His Holy Spirit.

Rickard, student | Swedish serving Arab refugees
I would love for people to pray for the kingdom of God to come—to see His vision happen and the gospel being planted in different people groups in our context. If people would like to pray for that, I would be really grateful.

Brent Hammoud | MRel Program Coordinator
Please pray that the MRel learning experience be inspired by the Holy Spirit and help direct students towards new opportunities to serve and minister the gospel. Pray also that we be people who work through and around culture to love people for Christ faithfully.

Wes Watkins | Cultural Analysis in the MENA module Lead Faculty
Pray for the students as they work on their final module projects, which is a qualitative research project aimed to help them better understand their ministries and ministry contexts.

Abed El Kareem Zien El Dine | Cultural Analysis in the MENA module Support Faculty
Please pray that the MRel students are transformed even more into Christlikeness as they complete this module, where emphasis on cross-cultural mission is highlighted; may they bless others and be blessed.


Raymond from Lebanon
Please pray that God is glorified through the ministry that I am part of as it sends missionaries across the 10/40 window. Pray that more local churches in Lebanon adopt this ministry and that a missional mindset spreads across the Lebanese Church. I am experiencing a beautiful season in my life as I wait for our new baby, so I ask you to pray for my pregnant wife who will give birth soon.

Nadalla from Syria
I ask you to pray for me as I get ready to travel to the Gulf countries in September to baptize 19 people who came to faith through the online radio ministry with which the Lord has entrusted me. Pray for me also as I continue to battle with ongoing persecution problems that date back to when I first accepted Christ.

Yaacoub from Morocco
Pray for me that I bear spiritual fruit and obtain practical skills for carrying out the Great Commission as I study at seminary. In addition, I am applying for a job position, so I ask you to pray that I pass the recruitment process successfully. This way, I can provide for myself and support my local church.

Santo from Sudan
Please pray that God grants peace to all those who serve Him in Sudan while having to face economic challenges daily.

Lydia from Egypt
Please pray that God continues to use me with the group of young women that I serve, and that He guides me as I hope to open a shelter for refugees and young women who were battered and abandoned. Please pray for God’s healing hand in my life because I suffer from several health issues that have recently worsened. Please also pray for my husband and me to have children; we have been married for nine years. I am holding on to Him and placing all my fears and pain at His feet.

Rony from Lebanon
I ask you to pray for me as I strive to obey God’s call in my life. I had moved away from my career to serve the Lord full time in the fields of outreach, discipleship and follow up while getting equipped at seminary.