A Visit to our Sudanese Brothers and Sisters
April 13, 2022
April 2022 Newsletter: A Visit to our Sudanese Brothers and Sisters
April 13, 2022

A Theological Treasure for the Arab Church

“Providing e-books for our students is still a challenge.” This was a statement that we wrote on many reports for many years. Back then, a digital library containing Arabic theological resources seemed a far-fetched dream. But the need was always there, and with the move to online and hybrid education, it became an urgent one. A growing Arab Church demands deep, independent critical thinkers. And to develop such thinkers we require good and accessible resources.

We had previously introduced our translation project as a step in that direction. In addition to this, God’s grace led us to start working on an Arabic theological digital library that serves the Arab Church. This library will soon be available to many Arab Bible scholars and researchers. It will also include an electronic copy of the commentary series we are currently translating so our students can access it wherever they are.

After we moved to a hybrid form of learning, many of our students who reside in the Arab world no longer have regular access to theological libraries. The need for a digital library became more crucial. Furthermore, this library will not only benefit our students. We are developing it in collaboration with MENATE, and thus, it will benefit all regional seminaries including their faculty, students, and churches in their respective communities.

During the past year, we were looking for an online platform that provides a full search functionality with adequate digital rights management. After much research and testing, we found a powerful platform that is uniquely designed to serve our Middle Eastern context. In the meantime, MENATE is signing agreements with Arab publishers to use their material and, therefore, make available a good number of valuable resources.

We look forward to the launching day soon. We pray that this library will be used for shaping the minds and aiding the lifelong learning of faithful men and women for His glory. We also look forward to seeing the Arab Church producing more resources locally that benefit the Church globally. But most importantly, we look forward to seeing what God is planning for the growth of His kingdom in the Arab world.