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April 10, 2018
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April 5, 2018

Elias’ Vision Changed After a Man
Shared Jesus with Him

I never had faith in Jesus until I turned 17. My family was a traditional Lebanese Christian family, who attended church on occasions. Before I met with Jesus, my friend and I always thought of twisted, illegal ways to make money. One day a man shared Jesus with me; I prayed and asked Jesus to change me. I decided to live for Jesus alone but did not have a community, until I was told about a home group. It was the first time I ever learned about worship and Bible study – my first time to enjoy God with others. Later I became involved in a church planting ministry. I am only 20, and my vision is to see churches planted in every neighborhood in Lebanon and that God would use me to fulfill this vision. Studying theology at ABTS will not only give me the proper academic education but also equip me with practical tools for my ministry.