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Certificate in Ministry Online Students Share About Their Current Courses

Upon closing their laptop screens, each of our Certificate in Ministry online students heads to serve God in their different geographical locations. In light of the pandemic, people have been reevaluating their lives and seeking God, amplifying the need for trained ministry workers. In the words of Rabih Hasbany, ABTS Distributed Learning Program Lead:

In light of COVID-19 and the social distancing that has ensued, many theological education institutions moved to online learning. We praise God for having this direction at ABTS for the past five years since we had first started the Certificate in Ministry online program. Recently, we have noticed a rise in the number of applicants as more Christ followers realized the need for theological training in preparation for ministry, and lockdown gave them more time for that. We continuously aim to advance our program to suit the changing ministry needs and better serve the Arabic-speaking Church.

Our online students are currently taking this term’s courses. As you read about the courses, we invite you to meet the tutors and a few online students who share about God’s marvelous work through the online program and through their own lives and ministries.


The New Testament Survey course lays down the foundations for a thorough understanding of New Testament passages and their context. It highlights the life and teachings of our Lord in the four gospels, the ministry and outreach of the apostles in Acts, their teachings in the epistles, and Revelation.

Our student Dalia from Lebanon leads the women’s ministry of her local church. She shared, “We are currently studying the four gospels. I realized that studying the writing style of each gospel is essential for a fuller understanding of the text. I also saw the meticulous accuracy in reporting the historical events of Christ’s ministry.”

Course tutor Elia is one of our 2015 Master of Divinity graduates. Recently, he has been focusing on online evangelism and discipleship. Elia lives in the city of Minia in Upper Egypt, where coronavirus has affected many, including him and his parents. Since his father suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, they had to admit him into the ICU, but it was hard to find a bed and a ventilator, as hospitals were full. He said, “People in Minia feel helpless, so this is the time for the Church to practice what it preaches. I know churches in Minia that are covering the treatment costs of corona patients. I know churches that are providing oxygen tanks to house patients because hospitals are full.”

Elia was determined to push through and continue tutoring the course despite the sickness. He shared, “I love to build friendships with the students. They come with different – sometimes-clashing – perceptions of the New Testament, so I try to encourage constructive discussion and broaden their perspective.”


How do we share the gospel now that our communities are more open than ever?

This course helps motivate believers to have an active role in the world as gospel bearers. It offers a theoretical framework for evangelism and offers the various practical tools to do that, both on the individual and communal levels.

Our online student Marianne from Upper Egypt serves the children at her local church and holds literacy programs for women living in poor villages. She shared, “This course showed me that God’s nature is missional and that His love extends to all nations. As Christ’s disciples, we are called to go out into the world and share the gospel out of obedience to the great commission and the greatest commandment, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Our 2014 Bachelor of Theology graduate from Morocco, who is the course tutor, leads a home church with her husband. She shared, “We are still adjusting to a new reality as we phase out of lockdown in Morocco. We have been reaching out to those suffering from the economy halt through giving widows and refugees food packages, masks and sanitizing products.” She also said regarding her online tutoring experience,

I learn so much from the students. I get excited at their excitement and energy, their strong desire to learn and be equipped for God’s service, and their gratitude to be part of a program available in Arabic that addresses their specific ministries and contexts – especially those who are in unreached areas. The growing number of online students is exciting, too!


This course aims to reestablish what Christian identity means and to manifest it as an integral part of the region’s identity. Students get to see its uniqueness due to its heavenly nature and how that changes the way they impact society. They learn to respect other identities while staying true to their identity in Christ.

Our Iraqi online student, who lives in Finland and has an online discipleship ministry, shared, “Having a citizenship in heaven does not mean we ignore our citizenship here, but we become good citizens and serve our countries faithfully as ambassadors of Christ. I also learned not to mistake racial, social or political affiliation for Christian identity!”

One of our 2019 Bachelor of Theology graduates is tutoring this course. She teaches the Bible to groups of non-Christian women at a ministry center, but they currently gather online. She shares, “I raise issues that touch on the current situation in Lebanon and offer them comfort and hope. I am thankful for the amazing relationship we have.”

She also believes that joining our online team is timely. She adds, “I had gotten used to teaching and discipling groups in person. I never thought I would have to change my teaching style. Yet, today I have gained the skill of online teaching through tutoring in the Certificate in Ministry program, which is much needed as online learning takes precedence globally.”

Keep our online team and students in your prayers as they respond to the changing ministry needs of our region.