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April 10, 2018
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April 10, 2018

Introducing our Newest Faculty Member, Emad Botros

ABTS is pleased to announce that our Board of Trustees has just appointed Emad Botros as faculty in the Theology Department of ABTS. In parallel, our valued partner Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) has appointed Emad to be secunded to ABTS for his role as faculty. Emad and his family are currently living in Ontario, Canada, and are hoping to join us this summer if they are able to raise the necessary support.

Born and raised in Egypt, Emad came to Lebanon to study at ABTS. Almess, who was later to become Emad’s wife, came from Iraq to study at ABTS. They both graduated in 2003 with Bachelors of Theology. Pursuing his calling in theological education, Emad began studying at McMaster Divinity College in Ontario, Canada. He completed his Master’s degree in Christian Studies in May 2013. Emad recently taught several courses at ABTS as visiting faculty. “Lebanon, and particularly ABTS, has a special place in our hearts,” Emad says. “ABTS is the place where Almess and I first met, and where our love story began. ABTS was also a place where God transformed our lives, shaped our vision, and developed our skills. We know that it is time to go back and make a difference in the lives of students, mentoring them in ministry and leadership skills.”

At ABTS, Emad and his wife will mentor students in ministry and leadership skills. Almess also plans to explore ministry opportunities with Iraqi and Syrian refugees.
With regard to his academic interests, Emad explains: “My major interest has been in the Old Testament, Biblical Theology, and Islam. My goal is to develop a biblical theology of the Old Testament in the context of the Middle East and North Africa. My research has focused above all on the intersection of the Biblical texts and the Qur’an. At McMaster Divinity College, my research focused on the intersection of the Book of Exodus and the Qur’an, with a particular interest in the Golden Calf narrative in the Book of Exodus and the Qur’an. I am currently in my second year of doctoral studies at McMaster where my current research focuses on the intersection of the Minor Prophets Corpus and the Qur’an, particularly reading the Book of Jonah in the MENA context.”

As for his academic role at ABTS, Emad told us he is excited to be “lecturing in the areas of Old Testament and Islamic studies, an area I first fell in love with at ABTS. I will also be involved in developing resources and models for ministry in the MENA context. My dream is to revive the message of the Old Testament in the life of the ABTS students and the church, and to help Christians as they make the message of the Old Testament relevant to our Middle Eastern context today.”