February 2023 Newsletter: Destination Khartoum
February 17, 2023
Go and Make Disciples of All Nations
January 16, 2023

We Are One Because We Belong To Him

ABTS Team Gathers for Fellowship, Teambuilding, and Training

This is the start of another year. And what better way to start, as an ABTS family, than to remember our oneness in Christ and our commitment to one vision and one mission. So we gathered earlier this month for a one-day team training focusing on our different personalities and team dynamics. Starting with a time of worship and devotion, we gleaned lessons from Psalm 85, mainly looking back at the past year and remembering God’s goodness and mercy to us, and in a similar sentiment to that of the Psalmist, asking the Lord how He can manifest His mercy and salvation through us this year.

We were reminded that God divided gifts among us in such a way that we cannot function on our own. We need each other. Aside from the team building activities and the fellowship, we had a good time knowing more about ourselves and our differences through the DISC personality test and analysis. We discussed our strengths and potential weaknesses to create better understanding and make communication more effective among team members. The group discussions allowed for our team to be vulnerable and open about their struggles, and overall, we left the training having a better understanding and more appreciation of ourselves and one another.

We praise God for the beautiful mosaic that is our ABTS family. Each team member contributes to the vision and mission of the seminary, and God is using each of our unique skills and personalities for His glory. We look ahead in expectation to what God has in store for each one of us, and we pray that He stretches and challenges us to get out of our comfort zones and work together for the growth of His Kingdom.