Prayer Requests


March –

Susanna | Sudan
Pray that God breaks the barrier between Church and society in Sudan. Pray that He grants peace to the Sudanese people and the freedom for all to practice their faith. It is still difficult to serve God in some areas of the country. Pray that He raises up more servants because the need is great. Pray for my husband and me to press on despite the challenges of ministry in Sudan, and to take hold of every opportunity even as we study.

Elissar | Lebanon
I am now serving with a newly established ministry that focuses on leadership training, church planting, peacebuilding and reconciliation, and advocating women’s rights. I ask you to pray for this ministry.

Student from Morocco
Pray that the Lord opens up new opportunities of ministry in Morocco. Also, pray for Lebanon and for the difficult time it is going through.

Yaser | Syria
I ask you to pray for Syria. Pray that the situation there becomes better. Recently, there have been some skirmishes happening between the Turks and the Russians. Pray that this does not escalate. Pray for my family and my ministry. Pray that the Lord guides me as I serve. Also, pray for my sister, and my wife’s family to know the Lord.

Zeinab | Syria
I ask you to pray for our ministry here and our graduation. Pray for my parents and my husbands’ parents who are still in Syria. Pray that they come to the Lord and find salvation in Him.

Elsadig | Sudan
Pray for my country Sudan and for the ministry I will carry out there. Part of my ministry will include seminars, revivals, youth events and other administrative work at my local church. Pray also that I might manage my time effectively so I can fulfill all my academic responsibilities. May I learn lessons of perseverance and endurance as I step closer toward the end of this training period.

Niyazi | Sudan
I pray the Lord sends more theologically trained students to the Church in Sudan because of the urgent need. The Sudanese church is big, and there are not enough equipped leaders.

Amin | Sudan
Pray for my two brothers who are distant from the Lord.  Pray for Sudan, that the country might know peace at last. I feel that this is the time for us to be ministering there, as the political situation is changing. Pray that the Lord creates opportunities for ministry in Sudan so that we continue to move towards change and towards making the country better.

Pray for ABTS, Lebanon and for Sudan

While Lebanon and the world wrestles with the Corona virus, the Lebanese economic situation continues to be on the brink of collapse. Things have not improved neither for institutions nor for individuals. Still, the new government has not put forward an economic rescue plan.

In the midst of all this, pray that we at ABTS do not respond through fear but in accordance to God’s will. Pray for the Church in Lebanon to fix its eyes on Him who is Sovereign so that we are moved with His compassion to help others pass through the crises while modelling to them a Christ-like attitude.

We also ask you to pray for Sudan and the Sudanese Church. Last week there was an attempt to assassinate the Sudanese Prime Minister as the country passes through a period of change. Pray for God’s kingdom to spread in Sudan and for freedom and justice to become the new reality in the country.

February – 

The mission of ABTS is to serve the Church in our region as it realizes its Biblical mission of having Christ acknowledged as Lord by offering specialized learning resources and equipping faithful men and women for effective service.

Please keep us in your prayers so that we continue to serve His church in a way the is pleasing to Him. Pray that our faculty, staff, students and graduates be continuously transformed into the image of His likeness.

Please also pray for the church in Lebanon as it explores new ways to be salt and light in the middle of the current crisis.

MRel Students’ Prayer Requests

Student from US
Pray for my ministry with both refugees and university students in the Levant. Many want to know Christ, but the fear of social (sometimes family or legal) pressures hinders them. Pray for protection and wisdom as we venture to serve them.

Tim from Belgium
My wife and I are having a new baby! She has been pregnant for two months. This is new to us, and we are so excited. Pray for the baby’s healthy growth and for us as we go through this new experience.

Student from US
Please pray for the salvation of souls, for people to know the Lord. Pray that God grants me wisdom with ministry decisions, finances and support raising as a missionary.

Pene from Singapore
One of my prayer requests is discerning what is next after MRel and where God is leading me. I am in a discerning period as to which country and what kind of partnership to go into for future ministry.

Rami from Egypt
Pray that God grants me focus as I work on my MRel projects and assignments. My family and I live in a Gulf country, so pray that God uses us as a light and true witness. A Christ follower is called to shine wherever he is placed.

Janette from Lebanon
Pray for me to balance between serving my family as a mom, serving my local church and studying so that I finish well.

Third-Year Students’ Prayer Requests

Rafed and Hiba from Syria
Please pray for our future as we move back to Syria and as we head into ministry. Pray that the Lord gives us peace and shows us what He wants us to do. Pray that our children adapt to the move back to Syria.

Student from Egypt
Thank you for praying for my classmates and me as we finish our last year at seminary. Pray for our ministries back home and that the Lord continues to guide us as we seek to serve Him.

Nabou from Syria
I ask you to pray for us as we near the end of the year and for our ministry with the Kurdish people.

Elia from Sudan
Pray for my ministry back home and for the new ministries we are trying to start. Pray for my community and for my family. Pray that I may be able to see them when I go back, as I haven’t seen them in over 11 years.