Prayer Requests



Bassem Melki
Dean of Faculty
Please pray that God grants the peacemaking team discernment, strength and wisdom through this difficult, uncertain time in the country so that we seek God’s will in all we do.

Kamil Malak
Peacemaking and Church Relations Coordinator
I would like to pray for the peacemaking team, especially for the trainings we are holding at different local churches. Please pray that they may have an ongoing positive effect on the believers and their ministries. On a personal level, I want to ask for strength and guidance from the Lord as I study for my Master’s degree in biblical languages.

Reem El Khoury
Peacemaking Field Coordinator
Please pray that we continue to see more fruit in our Khebz w Meleh youth initiative both in Lebanon and Sudan. Pray for me also that I overcome my grief over the loss of my grandmother.

Rana Wazir
We’re praying for the new students who will be getting into study mode and begin learning asynchronously for the first time. At this stage, they need to reorganize their schedules around their education. So, we invite you to pray for them with us, especially since many of them face challenges in their home countries. Pray also for my pregnancy and the baby we’re expecting. It’s a new phase in our lives.

José Sabbagh
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Pray for our Sudanese alumni who are going through hard times due to the recent coup in Sudan. Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual protection over them.

Mirella Kazan
Administrative Coordinator
Please pray for me as I look for a good Master’s program to continue my education. I also ask you to pray that the Lord gives me strength as I plan three back-to-back regional conferences in Amman in December.



Kees van der Knijff | Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
Please pray for the faculty in general, especially those who have been teaching a lot. The past year has been quite draining as they had to rethink their older courses and shift the residential program into a new learning format. Pray that they are given energy and encouragement as they move forward.

Grace Al-Zoughbi Arteen | Lecturer in Theological Education
My prayer is that the Lord will raise up leaders from the students, both men and women, and equip them to dream for the Middle East. Please pray that the Lord will instill His vision in their lives and that He will continue to inspire us as we transmit words of knowledge and truth to them.

Bassem Melki | Dean of Faculty
Pray for a new, fruitful academic year, and pray for all our students in all our programs. We long to see them grow as the Holy Spirit transforms their hearts and characters.

Nabil Habiby | Lecturer in New Testament Studies
Many of the faculty are attempting to finish their PhDs while we continue to learn how to teach online. Pray that God grants us strength and wisdom as we balance between these two responsibilities.

Wes Watkins | Assistant Professor of Missiology
Please pray that our students would be equipped to proclaim the praises of God who called them “out of darkness into his wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9) among peoples in the region who have never heard of this good news before.

Pray for the Church in Sudan

Almost a month ago, on September 21, Sudanese authorities averted a coup by military leaders who are not in favor of a civilian transition. For the past month, tribal protestors have been blocking all the roads leading to Sudan’s main port. This is causing shortages of wheat and fuel oil, worsening the country’s already scarce electricity supply. In addition to the tensions between the military and the civilian leaders, religious extremists have appeared in the country causing trouble in Gabra, Khartoum and in the suburbs of Omdurman.

Join us in prayer for Sudan in light of these recent complications. Please pray that the transition to a civilian government goes smoothly and that the military forces hand in the power to the civilians. While the people of Sudan look for answers, pray with us that the Church there remains a beacon of light and hope to its community.