Prayer Requests



Ashraf from Egypt | Tutor and ABTS graduate
Lord, grant my heart to be always filled with mercy and kindness so that the people around me are drawn to You, and use me to make a change in my community. Grant me a daily measure of wisdom and help me to be more aware of the needs of Your people. Help me have a disciple-making mindset so that I help believers mature in a Kingdom community that impacts the world and tells of God’s love.

Sevine from Syria | Student
Please pray that the Lord uses me and my husband for His service so that we share with others the Good News of salvation. Please pray that the Kurdish people in Afrin are freed from oppression. Like many Kurdish Christ followers, we had to flee the war in Afrin after extremist groups attacked our city.

Charbel from Lebanon | Student
Pray for the small groups that I pastor. Our Lord is being glorified among us, and we are seeing fruit. So pray for the brothers and sisters that I disciple, and pray that the Lord uses me as a peacemaker among them.

Elia from Egypt | Tutor and ABTS graduate
Please pray that the Lord of all knowledge grants me wisdom to understand His will for my life and to use every responsibility that He has given me for the glory of Christ.

Woman from Morocco | Tutor and ABTS graduate
Pray for all the students who took the Pastoral Counselling course. May it be a tool in their hands to serve the Lord. May they not be contented with handing in their assignments and fulfilling the course requirements without experiencing a real, practical change. Pray also for the Church in Morocco because it is still a growing church, and many are still hesitant about sharing their suffering openly with their brothers and sisters because they are not used to ask for counsel or offering it.

Almess from Iraq | Tutor and ABTS graduate
Please pray for all our students who are having to deal with power cuts and internet shortages in their journey of online learning.


Abeer | 2020 Bachelor of Theology graduate
The Church in Sudan and all who are laboring in God’s field are in need of prayer in these difficult circumstances. They are not able to move freely because of the daily protests and the closure of bridges. There is little movement on the roads. We are able to reach young people through the internet, but some communities do not know how to use the internet. Please pray that God shows us the most effective means to reach the people of Sudan.

Habil | 2019 Bachelor of Theology graduate
Pray with us for the current situation. The ongoing protests have hindered church activities due to road closures.

Fahmi | 2019 Bachelor of Theology graduate
I ask you to pray for my ministry at my local church especially with the youth. Pray also for the economic and political situation in Sudan because it is a challenge to all the people of Sudan.

Talal | 2019 Master of Divinity graduate
It is hard for churches to worship God together because of the demonstrations that are taking place almost daily. Please pray for political stability and security in the country so believers can worship God and practice their faith without disruptions. Pray that believers obtain their rights to worship freely and build churches in unreached areas of the country.

Sabet | 2018 Bachelor of Theology graduate
Please pray for the economic, political and security situation in Sudan. Pray for the ministry in Sudan and for my ministry with youth at Youth for Christ in Sudan.

Eilia | 2020 Bachelor of Theology graduate
Please pray for a revival in the Sudanese Church. Pray for its leaders, its youth, its missional impact, its teaching and its discipleship programs.