Prayer Requests



Amin from Sudan

Please pray for my wife and son, who are both in Sudan. I miss them. Pray for the children of Sudan; it is on my heart to develop the children’s ministry there. Pray that I may be able to overcome all personal pressures in order to continue my education in a way that pleases God.

Demyana from Egypt

Please pray that my husband Awney and I would be always serving the Lord together. Also, pray that the Lord would guide us through every step after graduation. We await His will for us.

Elissar from Lebanon

Please pray for the Lord to give me the needed strength and wisdom in my relationships and the focus to study diligently while I am here. Please pray for my family members, too. They see the change in me, and I desire to be a witness continuously so that they, too, come to the faith.

El Sadig from Sudan

Please pray for my academic journey here. Pray for the Lord to open my mind so I can understand and benefit from all the lessons and lectures. Please pray for my future ministry after graduation. I would like to invest in children’s ministry, so that children would grow up with the love of God in their hearts.

Mahmoud from Egypt

Please pray for my education here and pray that I would continue to have an influential role in my country amid my people. I also ask you to pray for new believers to be smoothly integrated within the Egyptian Church.

Mariam from Egypt

It has been a very difficult time after the recent passing away of my mother; it still is. Please pray for the Lord to restore my focus on my studies.

Student from Morocco

Please pray that my time at ABTS would be fruitful for the Lord, especially after I begin my ministry in Morocco after graduation.

Niyazi from Sudan

Pray for me as I go on with my academic journey. Pray also for my family in Sudan amid the difficult economic situation.

Student from Egypt

Please pray for the unreached communities in my country and all over the world that they may be open to the gospel. Pray that there would be no divisions in Egyptian churches, and pray for my family to know Jesus.

Saleem from Jordan

Please pray for my future ministry. I would like to start an elderly home in my country and a Bible school. I also hope to focus on pastoral work, apologetics and working with young adults.

Tathnia from Sudan

Please pray that I would always heed the Lord’s voice in every decision I make. Otherwise, I would lose my way.

Yaser from Syria

Please pray that my parents accept the Lord Jesus. Pray for Syria, Iraq and all countries where war still exists. Pray for me, as well, that I would start a ministry in Syria that calls against conflict and calls for love instead.

Yousif from Sudan

I ask you to pray for my wife and our life together. We have big dreams and visions, so pray for us so that we would know exactly what God wants us to do in Sudan after we graduate. Please pray for our ministry in the Sudanese Community Church here in Lebanon.

Susanna from Sudan

I ask you to pray that we would overcome the ministry challenges in the Sudanese Community Church in Lebanon. Sometimes, it may feel as if we are on our own. Moreover, my husband and I are newlyweds, so pray that we walk in God’s way together. May we be a blessing to others wherever we go. May we complete our theological education, and may He use us to fulfil His purposes.


Abeer, Sudan

Please pray for strength and focus as I continue my theological training this year.

Abu Kindy, Sudan

I ask you to pray for Sudan and for my wife and kids there. Please pray that God would keep them unharmed while I am away. Please pray for my ministry in Sudan too.

Awad, South Sudan

Please pray that the Lord would continue to prepare the field for ministry in South Sudan. Pray also that the Lord would also send me a life partner who has a heart for ministry.

Awney, Egypt

I ask you to pray that God would show me where to start after I graduate and return to serve in my country.

Eilia, Sudan

The situation of churches in Sudan is always on my mind, so I ask you to pray for that. An ABTS Sudanese graduate and I started a school back home to teach kids about their Christian faith. Please pray for the teachers and the students. Please pray for my ministry at the school in summer too. I also will get engaged during that time by God’s grace.

Hamed, Sudan

Please pray for my time of study in Lebanon that the Lord would grant me the wisdom to press on till the end. Also, pray for Sudan and its people, who are still demonstrating in the streets.

Hiba, Syria

I ask you to pray that God would guide us all throughout this academic journey. Please pray for my husband [Rafed] and kids, and pray for me that I would be able to finish all my assignments.

John, Egypt

Please pray that the Lord would place me where He wants me to be after I graduate, and please pray that the Lord would give me wisdom when the time comes for finding a life partner.

Student, Egypt

Please pray that my next visit to Egypt will be a chance to apply what I learned here even more. Pray that I might be able to serve among the people, but also pray that I will not get caught up in the busyness of service and forget to spend time with my family.

Nabou, Syria

I ask you to pray for me to complete my theological education and to spend my life serving Him.

Rafed, Syria

I ask you to pray for our future as a family as we serve the Lord together. Pray for peace in our country and that the Lord may use us powerfully and lead us where He wants us to be.

Waheed, Sudan

Please pray for the unstable situation in Sudan. Whenever I think of it, I am at a loss, and my vision becomes blurred. I think of the negative ways the economic situation will affect the ministry and the living conditions. People are tired, and they refuse to remain silent despite the dire consequences they might face. Many, on the other hand, are selling their belongings and leaving the country for good. In these circumstances, I ask you to pray for the country and my future ministry there.


Additionally, we ask you to lift up two of our first-year students in prayer. Both are ill and consequently had to miss a few classes. Pray for the Lord to heal and sustain them

Also, one of our colleagues recently had back surgery, and she is passing through a lot of physical pain. Please pray for her healing process.

Finally, please pray for two of our Syrian students who were not able to join us this year due to visa issues. They are currently facing a challenging situation.


Fahmi, Sudan
Please pray that I would be able to share the Gospel in a way that is contextually-relevant to my people in Sudan. Pray also that the political and economic situation will improve in Sudan.

A student from Mauritania
Please pray for me that the Lord would grant me peace and health. My goal and my wish is to delve deeper into the knowledge of God’s Word, allowing it to work in me, so pray that my academic performance would continue to glorify God. I would love it if I can study for a Master of Divinity or even a PhD. Then I would be able to help people like me, who came from a non-Christian background, on a deeper level.

George, Lebanese Palestinian
Please pray for God’s protection upon me from all sides. Pray that I might be grounded in the faith and my theological knowledge would continue to increase so I would be ready to reach out for others . I also ask you to pray for my future marriage to my fiancée, and that the Lord would lead the way in every aspect of life.

Habil, Sudan
Please pray for ministry with young adults upon graduation and that I may continue my work on the Khebz w Meleh initiative. I would also like to start vocational training for young adults so that they might benefit on many levels. Also, pray for my family who is still stuck in the Nuba mountains since 2006. I haven’t seen them since then. I would also like to get married after graduating, so I ask you to pray for that too.

Makki, Sudan
Please pray for my impending ministry in Sudan, and that things will get better by the time I am back. Pray that the country will know stability. Also, pray for my three-year-old son Nelson as we go back. The educational system in Sudan is vastly different than it is here in Lebanon.

Nason, Sudan
Please pray that the Lord will help me and my husband Makki to finish what we started here at the seminary. May He then give us the ability to apply what we learned here in Sudan. Pray that the Lord would provide a place to stay as we go back. I also ask you to pray for the Sudanese Church.

Sam, Sudan
Please pray for me to continue in the lifelong process of learning even after graduation. Pray that I might be able to face the challenges I will meet upon returning to Sudan in the midst of the ongoing turmoil. I also desire to have a firmer grasp of the English language so I can later go for my Masters.

A student from Sudan
My dream is to start a Bible teaching center in Sudan with the purpose of developing biblical curricula. I would also like to offer a systematic study of the Bible with a focus on furthering God’s kingdom in society and training leaders to have an active role. Please pray that I can make this happen despite the challenges that might come in the way. Pray for the Lord’s help so I can teach His people and increase their knowledge of His Word. If they gain a deep knowledge of Scriptures, then they can be of influence and beneficial to one another.

A student from Jordan
The nearer I am to the end of my academic journey, the greater the yoke of responsibility becomes. Please pray that all my fears would disperse, and I would put my trust in the One who brought me here today. Also, pray for me as I raise my two teenage kids. It can sometimes be a challenge for a single mother.


A number of our Sudanese students have shared their concerns and prayer requests for their country. Recent protests began on December 19, 2018 in the northeastern city of Atbara over the price increase of bread, fuel and other economic factors. Very quickly protests spread nationwide and fears of further unrest are accentuated. Join our ABTS community in prayer for Sudan.

The protests in Sudan are ongoing since their start in mid-December. Most of the schools in the country have shut down since then. Everything has become so expensive, and the poor families can no longer tolerate the situation. I also think of the Nuba Mountains and the deteriorating economic and security situation there. You can imagine how difficult things are, so I ask you with all my heart to pray with us for the country.

I ask you to pray for the regime and the government in Sudan that it may be given wisdom to deal with the crisis. I also ask you to pray for the Sudanese Church that there may be no divisions and it may rise above the tyranny of sectarianism. Also, pray for my family in Sudan that the Lord would protect them from all danger.

May the leaders of the country spread the culture of peace more in the community. I also ask you to pray for the families that can barely find food, for the sick as the sanitary conditions go downhill, and for those who lack the proper clothing, housing or heating.

Life is currently very difficult in Sudan. Please pray for the current state of the country as the people continue to demand a change for the better. Pray also that the Lord would continue to protect the Sudanese Church in the midst of all this commotion. Pray that the leaders of the country would look out for the people.

Please pray for the people of Sudan. The security situation in Sudan is very bad. People are over-burdened, and they have reached the brink of suffering. Consequently, they took it to the streets. Then what was supposed to be nonviolent protests quickly escalated causing death and bloodshed. Also, pray for students as schools have been shut down ever since the protests began.

Abu Kindy
Please pray for protection over the Church in Sudan amid the dire economic situation and the civil unrest. Also, pray for the government so that its decisions may be for the good of the people.

Third-year student
We praise the Lord for preserving His Church in Sudan as the living conditions grow harder. The Sudanese currency continues to lose its value while the industrial and agricultural sectors are almost paralyzed. Please pray that there would be an end to economic corruption and bloodshed. May the Lord grant wisdom to the leaders so that they cooperate with the needs of the people and come up with drastic solutions for the current problems.

Please pray that the Church in Sudan may have a missional role and a prophetic voice during these difficult times, and that its young men and women may have an active presence in society, making known the gospel. Also, pray for the families who lost loved ones that they may be comforted. Finally, pray that the neighboring countries, who are on good terms with Sudan, may intervene diplomatically.