Prayer Requests



Couple from Algeria | 2010 Bachelor and Diploma in Theology graduates
Please pray for the situation in Algeria in light of the recent fires. The flames ravaged our town, but we were safe since there aren’t many trees near our home. A few families whose homes were destroyed stayed with us for a few days, and in all, there was a strong sense of community. We had a hard time sleeping knowing that the swiftly spreading fires could reach us at any moment, but it also served to remind us of our eternal home in heaven.


Michel from Lebanon | 2010 Diploma in Theology graduate
In the midst of all the mess that Lebanon is going through, we see God drawing souls to Himself and completing His work in us and through us. Pray for our ministry team in the North of Lebanon and the church that the Lord recently used us to plant. I also ask you to pray for my wife who is pregnant with our first child.


Nihad from Syria | 2017 Certificate in Ministry graduate serving in Lebanon
Our internally displaced Kurdish people who are living in camps are suffering so much. Many are coming to Christ, but the material need is huge. People with disabilities cannot get proper treatment. They have no access to electricity or clean water, and they are suffering from diseases. Please pray for them and for the Kurdish Church so that it shines God’s light to its people.


A student from Morocco | Integrated Theology Program student
I have recently been suffering from unintentional weight loss and anemia. My husband also got into a car accident, and due to his injury, our business has been affected. We know that trials are temporary, and we continue to praise and trust God through it all. In this perplexing time, my husband has been expressing a desire to study theology like me. Please pray that we overcome these trials in Him who has already overcome the world.


Wiam from Iraq | Integrated Theology Program student
I have gone through several surgeries due to my stomach problems, and my uncle recently passed away, so I haven’t been able to fully focus on my studies lately. Due to the support of the people at seminary, however, I have found new strength to pursue my theological education. I would appreciate your prayers for me this season, and for my kids, that their relationship with Christ remains strong.


Christina Khamis | Media and Partner Relations Officer
Everything around us is dark, and sometimes it’s difficult to find a ray of light. It’s becoming hard to carry hope to others when we struggle to hold on to it ourselves. So, I pray for renewed strength and joy in Him that we can reflect to others around us in these tough times our country is going through. May we be sensitive to the needs of others around us and allow God to use us to help them out and share with them the source of our love, hope and joy: Jesus Christ!


Kristen Mansour | Guesthouse Assistant Operations Supervisor
Our Lord, Our Creator and protector, I pray for you to help my country. We need You more than ever. Comfort the brokenhearted, and as You gave me the honor to serve the families that lost their houses, I pray that You give me a heart full of compassion to be a good Samaritan and reflect Your love everywhere.


Jad Tabet | Development Associate
Lebanon has had a year to try and contend with the aftermath of the August 4 blast, but there is still a lot of need. Many are still homeless. Others have yet to recover physically and emotionally. Still more are struggling to make ends meet. Pray with us for the families and individuals who have been impacted by the blast. Pray that the Lord continues to provide their daily bread. Pray that He brings them justice. Finally, pray that the Church in Lebanon continues to be light and salt in times of darkness, and that it continues to serve the poor and the needy.


Joubran Hasbani | Office Representative
Please pray that the Lord would cause a turn of heart in the politicians of Lebanon so that drastic change may begin to take effect.


Elie Daher | IT and Facilities Manager
Please pray for medical needs. Hundreds of doctors and nurses are leaving the country and, with the new wave of COVID 19, this may cause serious challenges. In addition, we are facing a shortage of essential medicine and medical supplies, which will leave vulnerable people at high risk.


Loulwa El Maalouf | Director of Partnerships
Dear Lord, we ask You to have mercy on the people of Lebanon. Teach us to humble ourselves and seek You. Change the hearts of our leaders and lead them to submit to You. Change the hearts of our people and let them proclaim You alone as King over their lives.