Prayer Requests



Ali from Algeria
Please pray for the local church that I lead in Algeria. Our hall’s doors have been sealed since September 2019, and disputes have recently surfaced between believers. Please pray that the Lord gives us grace to see His purpose behind this bend in the road.

Anthony from Lebanon
Through my ministry, I disciple new believers and train them to disciple others. Please pray that God raises up a multiplying church in the North of Lebanon that is faithful to God’s word. Pray that those I am discipling abide in Christ and grow in the Spirit. Pray for the leader of the ministry center in which I serve, and pray for my wife and kids.

Student from Yemen
I ask you to pray with me for Yemen, that the Lord may reign here and save the country from the violence it is currently experiencing. Pray for my family, that all of them come to Christ. Pray that the Lord heals my wife from cancer. And, finally, pray that my son, who has recently accepted the Lord as his savior, grows under the Lord’s watchful eye.

Samir from Syria
I ask you to pray with me that peace reigns during these troubled times, and that we recover from the impact the pandemic has had on our countries. Pray with me, as well, that the Kingdom continues to grow, and that His word reaches all those who are in need.

Paul from South Sudan
Please pray for true peace in my country South Sudan. Many of my people are dying from hunger and lack of security. Many families cannot afford school tuition, and in all, the economic situation is very bad. Pray also that our churches would appoint leaders who offer sound teaching. Finally, I ask you to pray that I may be given wisdom to deal with my family, ministry and children.

Zineb from Morocco
Please pray that the Lord uses me more and more, and that I use my theological education for His glory. Pray that my children are rooted in Christ and that my extended family knows Him, both in Syria (my husband’s family) and Morocco.


Awad from South Sudan | 2020 Bachelor of Theology
Please pray for my current ministry in South Sudan and for victory over evil spirits. I broke my right arm in a road accident on May 20. Please pray for full recovery so I can serve without any hindrances. 

Abukanidy from Sudan | 2020 Bachelor of Theology
Please pray that God grants me and my wife wisdom to resolve the small conflicts that may grow if our eyes are not on God. Please pray for Sudan as it goes through economic, security and political challenges so that its people may be at peace.

Mohammad from Syria | 2021 Certificate in Ministry
Please pray that I am a servant and a disciple according to the Lord’s heart, and that I am faithful to the end in my ministry and relationship with Him. Please pray that the Kurdish people hear the Lord’s voice.

Dalia from Lebanon | 2021 Certificate in Ministry
Please pray for my ministry, that those we are serving remain rooted in the faith. Pray that we constantly heed the leading of the Spirit and bear fruit for the Lord.

Media from Syria | 2021 Certificate in Ministry
Please pray for my country of residence, Lebanon, and pray that peace prevails globally. I also ask you to pray that I discern the Lord’s will for my life, and that I always remember that He is in control.

Wafeek from Egypt | 2021 Certificate in Ministry
I truly need prayers that I remain in God’s will by the help of the Holy Spirit to fulfil what He wants me to do.