Prayer Requests


August Prayer Requests from our Graduates

2018 Online graduate from Yemen
Please pray that the war would end in my country Yemen and peace would prevail. Pray that all Yeminis, disregarding their political or religious affiliations, would sit together on the same table to negotiate. Pray that God’s church there may be a lighthouse that shines upon all Yeminis. Pray that He may use me in His Yemeni church and that He might grant me the needed strength, wisdom, love and blessing for that purpose. Pray that my family might believe in Christ; He is able to do all things.

Zineb, 2018 Online graduate from Morocco
Please pray that I might apply all that I learned through the ABTS online courses throughout these two past years, and pray that I might have the opportunity to study more in the future.

Dani, 2018 Online graduate from Lebanon
Please pray that God may grant me the strength and guidance to put everything I learned at ABTS Online to practice. Otherwise, my toil would be in vain.

2004 Bachelor of Theology graduate from Tunis
Please pray for the members of my church to be unified and rooted in the faith; praise the Lord we started with one family, and now sixteen families attend. Tunisian churches from different denominations will gather soon for an event targeting the unity of churches in Tunisia. Lift up this event in prayer.

2014 Bachelor of Theology graduate from Algeria
I ask you to pray that the Lord would continue to use my ministry in Algeria. I am a local missionary, and I lead discipleship schools that are run by my local church (located in a Berber area).

Mary, 2004 Bachelor of Theology graduate from South Sudan
Our prayer request is for us to reach everyone in South Sudan. Moreover, many homes lack peace; we have many divorces. Oftentimes a couple with children choose to dismantle the family for no good reason.  As a group of women ministry workers, we would like to build peace within a family unit. We want to raise awareness on how a family can keep a peaceful atmosphere at home. This cannot happen if Jesus Christ is not at the center of the home.

Fouad, 2016 Bachelor of Theology graduate from Sudan
Please pray that God would provide the needed resources to buy a land where we can build a place for our center in Omdurman. We have already begun to save up, but our resources are limited. Also, pray that we would be allowed to register the center as an official church. Finally, I ask you to pray for me that God would give me the wisdom to lead the people and that we would all have one Kingdom mindset.

July Prayer Requests from our Alumni

Iraq – Pray for the official registration of the country’s Evangelical churches, specifically, for the Church Ara is pastoring and that they may afford to pay the rent for the church building.

South Sudan – Our graduates were united in asking for prayers for the peace and healing of the country. Also pray for the Lord to give wisdom to the leaders of South Sudan, and pray for the needs of those who are in ministry.

Lebanon – Please pray for ministries among Syrian and Iraqi Refugees. Michel, serving in the North of Lebanon, asks for prayers for the discipleship of new believers, to see them grow in faith and devoted to ministry.

Algeria – Pray for strength, wisdom and solutions during a time where the situation is sensitive for the Church. Pray for the ministry to continue to grow. One family asked for protection in the new challenging area to which they moved.

Syria – Pray for the Churches and ministry in different areas of Syria. Few Syrian alumni, who are in the diaspora, asked for prayers for their ministries and families.

Tunisia – Our alumni asked for prayers for Tunisia to rise economically and for freedom to endure through a divine plan. They also asked for prayers for the brothers and sisters who are persecuted and troubled. On another note, pray for strength and time for the radio ministry.

Egypt – Pray for the ministry among refugees from Darfur, for their discipleship and preparation for sharing the Good News among their families.

Morocco – One graduate asks prayers for God to send him a wife who helps him in ministry and shares his vision. Also, pray for the ministry to become more strategic and to grow, and pray for the Lord to open up new areas in Morocco.

June Prayer Requests from Graduates and Faculty Members

Master of Divinity, male student from Sudan

Please pray for the right people who will be helping me and my wife as we start our ministry in Sudan. May He guide me to find them so we can be a team that shares one vision.

Master of Divinity, female student from Sudan

Pray for us as my family and I return once more to Sudan upon graduation. There is the challenge of settling down and finding a good school for our daughters. Despite the current economic situation of Sudan, we trust that God is able to sustain us. Pray that He would give us the strength to get everything going. Finally, I would like you to pray for my future education as it is on my heart to do my PhD.

Daoud, Bachelor of Theology, male student from Sudan

Please pray that after I graduate and return home, I will get accustomed once more to life in Sudan. Pray that my ministry there would be effective.

Eman, Bachelor of Theology, female student from Egypt

I ask you to pray for the ministry that is to come. There will be a gap between what I got used to here and what I will encounter in Egypt. Moreover, I would like to pursue a higher level of education sometime in the future. I would like the focus of that education to be on pastoral care, so your prayers are much appreciated.

Sabet, Bachelor of Theology, male student from Sudan

I ask you to pray for my ministry in Sudan where the fruit of my theological formation will be manifest. Pray that I might be effective there, for the work does not end upon my graduation. It will continue in my community.

Diploma in Theology, female student from Jordan

Please pray that I may constantly heed God’s voice regarding my future ministry. Please pray for my future education, as I would like to study for MA and PhD, if God allows. I also want to focus on theology in Arabic as I have a desire to write interpretational resources.

Hazem, Certificate in Theology, male student from Syria

Please pray for more ministry workers in Damascus, and pray for me as I wish to continue my theological education in the future. Also, pray for me that I would be a humble, patient worker in God’s field…even when life gets tough.

Mike Kuhn, Assistant Professor in Discipleship and Biblical Theology

Pray for us as we transition to a new home and ministry in the US. We are grateful for the past years at ABTS and look forward to ongoing collaboration.

Caleb Hutcherson, ABTS Faculty Development Lead, Lecturer in Historical Theology

Please pray for graduating students transitioning back to their home countries and stepping into new ministries. Also, pray for their children as they work through those transitions. Personally, I’m buried in collecting data for my research right now. My hope and prayer in the midst of that is that I would faithfully and discerningly work in order to better serve Arab theological education, which in turn helps the church to effectively serve the Arab world.

Bassem Melki, ABTS Dean of Students

Please lift up the students in your prayers. Pray for the summer ministry of our returning students and the upcoming ministry of our graduating students. There is always a natural fear when stepping out onto the field, so pray that they may trust in the Lord as they deal with the Church and society.