Prayer Requests



Fahmi | Sudan

Please pray for my upcoming ministry in Sudan with children and youths. Please pray that I would find a job so I can support myself while serving God at the same time. Pray that I may find a place of my own as well, as I intend to get married soon. I also ask you to pray for Sudan in this time of unrest between the military government and protesting civilians.

Zainab | Syria

Pray for my people, the Kurdish Syrians of Afrin. Turkish forces have occupied the area, and they are planning to build a fortress that separates it from Syria. People cannot leave Afrin for fear of their belongings being confiscated, and no one is allowed to enter it. Please pray for the safety of my parents who are in Afrin.

Habil | Sudan

I ask you to pray for me as I return to my home country. I have been away for a while, so things are different. There is no doubt I have my fears, but I trust that the Lord will put me in the right place to serve Him. Please pray for my future ministry and marriage. I also ask you to pray for Sudan and that I may someday see my parents who are stuck in Darfur again. I have not seen them for years because of the war in Darfur.

Female Student | Jordan

Please pray that God would grant me the opportunity to continue my graduate studies. May He smooth my path and grant me and my children stability. Pray that I may be able to balance between ministry, home and work.

Makki | Sudan

As my return to Sudan approaches, pray for me, for my wife Nason and for my son Nelson. Nelson spent most of his life in Lebanon, and he has received excellent education here. Pray that he would cope with his new reality in Sudan, and that we would find a good school for him. Pray that I would be an effective servant, and that I would be able to study for my Masters.

Nason | Sudan

Please pray that my husband and I find a good place of our own. We are also thinking of reopening a Bible institute that had closed its doors after its leader passed away. Please pray for us; we cannot do it on our own.

Male Student | Mauritania

Please pray that the Lord would help me as I go to Europe to continue my graduate education. It will be a completely new experience, and I will need the support of my brothers and sisters in faith. Pray that I always be a servant with a clear vision set before my eyes.

Sam | Sudan

Please pray that I would be able to cope with whatever comes and be strong in the Lord. Pray that I would find a good job so I can support myself while serving the Lord.

Male Student | Sudan

I ask you to keep praying that I would take all I received here to my people. The current economic situation is very challenging. Pray that the Lord provides, and that all things go smoothly.

Raja | Syria

Please pray for the Lord to guide me if it is His desire that I continue my studies full time at ABTS. I want to move to the next level in my service to God. Also, pray for my family, especially my mom who is battling with cancer.


Marcelle Saad | Student Affairs Assistant

Our graduating students will go back in June to serve in their contexts. Please lift them up in prayer so that they are constantly sensitive to God’s voice, and pray that we end this academic year well in the midst of the busyness that is typical of this coming season.

Chaden Hani | Peacebuilding Initiatives Researcher

I ask you to pray for the Institute of Middle East Studies’ peacebuilding role in Lebanon during these critical times. Pray that we would be very active and that God would use us in the country through our peacebuilding initiatives.

Caleb Hutcherson | Faculty Development Lead and Lecturer in Historical Theology

I would appreciate prayer for focus and perseverance with my dissertation writing, and that the product of that research would help foster transformative initiatives in society through churches in the Arab world.

Roula El Azzi | Executive Assistant

Please pray for us as we start preparing for our June events including our yearly Middle East Consultation and the graduation ceremony. Pray for the students’ smooth transition into ministry after graduation. I also ask you to pray for Lebanon and the Middle East as a whole in these difficult times.

Mireille Saoud | Accountant

Please pray that the Lord would make His will clear to each of the students so that all they do brings glory to Him.

Cinderella Zinaty | Senior Accountant

Please pray for Lebanon as job opportunities are decreasing, and the economic situation is in jeopardy.

Abed Zein El Dine | Lecturer in Communication Studies

Please pray that my family members would come to Jesus and find salvation in Him. My sister and I came to Christ, but the rest still have not.

Jubran Hasbany | Maintenance Foreman

Please pray that the Lord would help me to stay strong in Him so that I continue to serve in a way that honors Him.

Alexandra Abou Rjeily Bridi | Administration and Human Resources Manager

With the pressure of the two coming months, pray that the staff members would have the spiritual and emotional strength to handle the stress and accomplish their work successfully. Also, pray that our preparations for the Middle East Consultation would go smoothly and the Lord would give us wisdom in making the right decisions. We also ask you to pray that God would send the right people to fill the available positions at ABTS.

Jimmy Geagea | Peacebuilding Field Coordinator

Please pray that the Lord would give grace and wisdom to the trainers of youth in the Khebz w Meleh initiative to direct the youth the right way and to give them the support they need. Pray that we would always strive to build close relationships with the youth while taking care of the work details.

Jesse Wheeler | IMES Project Manager

Please pray for the coming Middle East Consultation, which will take place on the third week of June. May it bear fruitful conversations. Also, pray for the coming two-week Master of Religion residency, which will start at the end of June. May the students gain essential tools in order to be more effective servants in the region. I also ask you to pray for my family, especially the kids, who have recently been fighting the flu.


Amin from Sudan

Please pray for my wife and son, who are both in Sudan. I miss them. Pray for the children of Sudan; it is on my heart to develop the children’s ministry there. Pray that I may be able to overcome all personal pressures in order to continue my education in a way that pleases God.

Demyana from Egypt

Please pray that my husband Awney and I would be always serving the Lord together. Also, pray that the Lord would guide us through every step after graduation. We await His will for us.

Elissar from Lebanon

Please pray for the Lord to give me the needed strength and wisdom in my relationships and the focus to study diligently while I am here. Please pray for my family members, too. They see the change in me, and I desire to be a witness continuously so that they, too, come to the faith.

El Sadig from Sudan

Please pray for my academic journey here. Pray for the Lord to open my mind so I can understand and benefit from all the lessons and lectures. Please pray for my future ministry after graduation. I would like to invest in children’s ministry, so that children would grow up with the love of God in their hearts.

Mahmoud from Egypt

Please pray for my education here and pray that I would continue to have an influential role in my country amid my people. I also ask you to pray for new believers to be smoothly integrated within the Egyptian Church.

Mariam from Egypt

It has been a very difficult time after the recent passing away of my mother; it still is. Please pray for the Lord to restore my focus on my studies.

Student from Morocco

Please pray that my time at ABTS would be fruitful for the Lord, especially after I begin my ministry in Morocco after graduation.

Niyazi from Sudan

Pray for me as I go on with my academic journey. Pray also for my family in Sudan amid the difficult economic situation.

Student from Egypt

Please pray for the unreached communities in my country and all over the world that they may be open to the gospel. Pray that there would be no divisions in Egyptian churches, and pray for my family to know Jesus.

Saleem from Jordan

Please pray for my future ministry. I would like to start an elderly home in my country and a Bible school. I also hope to focus on pastoral work, apologetics and working with young adults.

Tathnia from Sudan

Please pray that I would always heed the Lord’s voice in every decision I make. Otherwise, I would lose my way.

Yaser from Syria

Please pray that my parents accept the Lord Jesus. Pray for Syria, Iraq and all countries where war still exists. Pray for me, as well, that I would start a ministry in Syria that calls against conflict and calls for love instead.

Yousif from Sudan

I ask you to pray for my wife and our life together. We have big dreams and visions, so pray for us so that we would know exactly what God wants us to do in Sudan after we graduate. Please pray for our ministry in the Sudanese Community Church here in Lebanon.

Susanna from Sudan

I ask you to pray that we would overcome the ministry challenges in the Sudanese Community Church in Lebanon. Sometimes, it may feel as if we are on our own. Moreover, my husband and I are newlyweds, so pray that we walk in God’s way together. May we be a blessing to others wherever we go. May we complete our theological education, and may He use us to fulfil His purposes.