Prayer Requests



Susanna, Sudan
Please pray for me as I study that I may be fully focused in order to receive all I can from my time here. I would like to work on my concentration level. Also, pray for my brother in Sudan who is really ill and suffering from psychological issues. May the Lord extend His hand of mercy and heal him.

Youssef, Sudan
Please pray for all the Sunday school ministries in the Karima State, Sudan. Pray that the kids’ faith be built on a firm foundation starting from their early years.

Safiya, Egypt
It is so difficult to tell my family members about Christ, but I pray with all my heart that they might know Him. How wonderful it would be to find out that they accepted Him when I visit Egypt in the summer! Please pray for them, and pray for my parents who are growing old and tired.

Demiana, Egypt
Please pray for my new married life with Awney [ABTS student]. This is our first year together, and we have left our country to study theology. Pray for my study period here, as this is still a very new experience to me.

First-Year Student, Morocco
Please lift my wife and me up in prayer that we may be able to overcome the pressures that will come along our education. Pray also for our impending ministry both here in Lebanon and in our home country.

Amin, Sudan
I ask you to pray for Sudan and the difficult situation of its existing churches. Also, pray for the people of Sudan. They are facing tough living conditions as the prices continue to shoot up. Moreover, the state of Kasala has lost so many lives because of an epidemic that hit the area. Please pray for Kasala and all the families who lost loved ones. Finally, I ask you to pray for my siblings; I long to see them come to Christ.

Al Sadeg, Sudan
The academic system at the seminary is so new to me. Please pray that I might be able to overcome the challenge of adapting. May my time in Lebanon bear much fruit for His glory. I also ask you to pray for my family members, as most of them still do not know Christ.

October –

Habil, second-year student from Sudan
My sister-in-law passed away two weeks ago. Our hearts are broken over the loss. Her presence in our family was a wonderful blessing. Please pray that my brother and his three children may be comforted during this difficult time. Please pray for my other brother who is currently studying in Uganda and for my mother who is ill and tired. We trust in God’s goodness in all things.

Rafed and Hiba, second-year married couple from Syria
Please pray for our country Syria. Now that the embers of the war have begun to cool off, much has turned to ashes. Much has been destroyed. Pray for our future ministry in our home country, as our return will not be easy, but we trust that God will use us there. We also ask you to pray that we will excel in our studies during this academic year, and pray for our kids, Milia and Shadi as they return to school.

Awad, second-year student from South Sudan
Please pray for my future ministry in South Sudan. Going back will be difficult as I had been away for many years now, and the economic situation is getting worse. Pray that I will adapt and that I will be a light amid the gloom that surrounds the country.

Third-year student from Mauritania
Pray that I would be able to serve people coming from the same background as I when I end my academic journey this coming June. My theological training here has taught me the importance of serving among people who share my background, and I look forward to starting my ministry.

Awney, second-year student from Egypt
Please pray that God would continue to shape my vision for my future ministry. Pray for my marriage as well. I got married this summer, and my wife has joined me as an ABTS student.

Waheed, second-year student from Sudan
Please pray that I would benefit as much as I can from my theological education. I aim to plant churches in deprived Sudanese areas, and I need to be well-equipped for such a ministry.

Second-year male student from Egypt
Pray that mission work would continue to grow with each year in Egypt. Pray for me that I might be able to support Christ followers coming from non-Christian backgrounds. Finally, I ask you to pray for my family; I already miss my mom.

Eilia, second-year student from Sudan
There are two non-Christian background believers in one of our local church’s home groups back in Sudan. Please pray that they might be grounded in the faith.

Abu Kindy, second-year student from Sudan
Pray for me as I start this academic year that I would be ready to take on the challenges that come ahead. Pray that God may protect my wife and kids in Sudan while I am away for almost nine months.

Abir, second-year student form Sudan
This is my second year at ABTS, and it seems, from the start, that the academic load will not be light. I ask you then to pray for me that I might not only start this academic year well but that I might finish well too.

Third-year student from Jordan
Please pray that I would be able to spend quality time with my children, to grow in my walk with God, and to focus on my theological education.

September –

Cinderella Zinaty, Senior Accountant
Please pray for the accounting team as we wrap up our fiscal year. It is a stressful time as we work on the budgeting, so your prayers are much appreciated.

Student Affairs Team
Please lift the new students up in prayer. Pray that our new students would get their visas so that they would soon join us. Also, pray for them to quickly adapt when they arrive. It is not easy to leave their families and churches for an extended period of time. Everything will be new at first; many of them might have a culture shock.

We were entrusted with these students; pray that we would be good, faithful stewards. It is a year to teach and to learn from these students. Pray that as their theological education helps them to mature spiritually that we would grow through learning more about their countries and cultures. Their presence among us will be a true blessing.

Abed El Kareem Zien El Dien, ABTS Faculty and Online Coordinator
Please pray for me as I study toward my DMin. I will be submitting part of my work by the end of this month, so pray that I would get the work done during this stressful period.

Fadi Salamoun, Facilities Manager
I ask you to pray for the guesthouse that the coming year would be as successful as the year past. Pray that we might get enough bookings so that the guesthouse would produce the needed revenue to support the minisrty.

Roula El Azzi, Executive Assistant
Please pray that God would strengthen the staff as we are busy preparing for the beginning of this academic year. May we be able to effectively accomplish the load of work smoothly and without stress. Also, pray that there would constantly be effective communication among us and that we would grow in unity that enhances our productivity.

Tamara Zorob, IMES Operations Manager
My friend found out that her mother is suffering from lung cancer just this week. This is a very difficult time for her and her family. Please keep my friend, her family, and her mother in your prayers.

Jesse Wheeler, Projects Manager
I praise God for the arrival of the new baby (James) to our family. Please pray for God’s blessing upon him. I also ask you to pray for the MRel program as the MENA Cultures module ends and the MENA Islam module begins. Pray for the students who are finishing their final project for the MENA Cultures module. Also, pray for our new and returning students, and faculty, as MENA Islam starts in October.

Chaden Hani, Peacebuilding Initiatives Researcher
I ask you to pray for IMES’s second peacebuilding initiative: The Church-Mosque Network. Meetings are held in Sidon, so pray that it will open doors for reconciliation among people of different faiths. May God show Himself through this initiative. [You can know more about IMES’s second peacebuilding initiative here].

Ali Khalil, ABTS part-time student
Please pray that I might be able to reorganize my time so I can pick up from where I left off regarding my Master of Divinity studies.