Prayer Requests


September –

Pray with us for Sudan as it battles with the economic crisis, the pandemic and the recent floods that left no way of escape from the deplorable situation. In these tragic circumstances, a glimmer of hope shines elsewhere in Sudan as the civilian-led government and rebel groups move towards a long-awaited peace agreement and a change of the country’s constitution, which ensures human rights including freedom of religion. Pray with us that the efforts for peace, freedom and justice in the country prove to be serious and long lasting. Pray also that the Church in Sudan continues to be a voice to the voiceless in all circumstances.

Talal | 2019 Master of Divinity Graduate from Sudan

Pray for the discipleship ministry at my local church in Khartoum because it is essential for encouraging evangelistic work and other ministries. Pray for the ministry’s impact outside of Khartoum as well, because we want believers in other areas to grow in faith and biblical knowledge.

Habil | 2019 Bachelor of Theology Graduate from Sudan

Pray for Sudan because the economy is still unsteady. Pray for South Kordofan and its people as tribal strife and bloodshed continue. Pray for my home group ministry there and pray for my family in the Nuba Mountains. My mother has had acute pain in her spinal cord for more than four months.

2016 Master of Divinity Graduate and ABTS Online Tutor from Egypt

Recently, as I tutored the Holy Spirit course, I saw that many Arab students suffered because of the economic situation and COVID-19. I ask you to pray for them. Pray also that the Holy Spirit transforms their lives using us and the course content so that they bring about change in their communities.

I also ask you to pray for my country of residence Brazil where the virus is spreading alarmingly. Many are dying, and many are losing their jobs because of the lockdown’s effect on the economy.

Magi | 2016 Master of Divinity Graduate and ABTS Online Tutor from Egypt

A while ago, my brother had a terrifying car crash and lost his daughter. His wife also needs a microsurgery as her hand’s nerves were damaged. Three weeks after that incident, Mom went to be with the Lord. I need much prayer.

Elia | 2015 Master of Divinity Graduate and ABTS Online Tutor from Egypt

Pray that a vaccine for COVID-19 is found soon. People are in pain over losing loved ones.  May the Church be aware of this point in history, and may God give ministry workers wisdom to stand beside those who are suffering.

2014 Bachelor of Theology Graduate and ABTS Online Tutor from Morocco

My prayer goes out to the online learning team as they maneuver through the current challenges. I pray that God continues to call passionate Arab believers to study theology and serve Him as they stand out as lights in this broken world.

August –

Who would have thought that 2020 would hold so much tragedy for Lebanon? Calamity upon calamity, people are still in a state of disbelief. And now, the Beirut blast has come upon us like a forceful blow. More than a two hundred lives are lost, thousands are injured, and many are still missing. Search and rescue teams are still digging through rubble in search of them. Many have lost their homes, and Beirut is not what it once used to be. Please stand with us in prayer for Lebanon.


  • Now that the prime minister and his cabinet have resigned, demonstrations are calling for the resignation of the rest of the government, or at least for an early parliamentary election. Please pray for the potential vacuum that will ensue. Pray also for the members of the coming government. May they be competent and transparent, serving the people rather than their own interests. Pray that they may be given wisdom and strength to manage the catastrophic human and economic consequences.
  • Please pray for the families who have lost their homes and loved ones. Pray for the injured, the health workers who are caring for them, and the rescue teams who are looking for missing people.
  • Pray for the overwhelmed hospitals across the country and pray especially for those that were partially destroyed.
  • Please pray for ABTS staff and faculty members as some suffered from the consequences of the blast. We praise God that none of them is physically hurt, but they have suffered material loss to a varying degree, and some of their loved ones got hurt. Pray for their families to get through this.
  • Please pray for the Church in Lebanon as it serves the distressed and brokenhearted. May its light penetrate the darkness. May it spread the hope of Christ.
  • Pray for us at ABTS as we welcome many families that lost their homes and belongings in the Beirut explosion. Many of them are injured and traumatized, and they need special care. Pray for us as we tend to their material and spiritual needs.

We finally invite you to praise God with us for His protection and provisions, and for the loving care and support that we are receiving from the global Church.