Prayer Requests


October –

Abukanidy | Sudan

Please pray for my time at seminary and my studies throughout this new academic year. Moreover, the Church and the ministry in Sudan are going through trying times. Therefore, I ask you to pray for the rapid improvement of the situation and for my wife and kids, that they would be kept safe and lack nothing.

Hamed | Sudan

Pray for a fruitful academic year, and pray for my family and me as we grieve the loss of my father, who was suffering from heart problems. Pray that we find comfort during this difficult phase.

Student | Egypt

Pray that God continues to use me with believers from a non-Christian background upon graduation. I am sure of His calling for me, so pray that He shows me where to go as I walk in His will.

Tathnia | Sudan

Pray that I am sensitive to God’s calling for my ministry after graduation. As the Lord had once emotionally healed me from depression, pray that I might be a tool in God’s hands to bring healing to many more.

Yousif | Sudan

We praise God for starting a church gathering in Sudan through the Baptist convention of Sudan. Pray with us that the group would soon gather at a place of their own. Please pray that God continues to prepare my wife and me for the ministry that awaits us in Sudan. It is a huge responsibility, so pray that he goes before us and enables us to do the work.

Susanna | Sudan

Please pray that God moves those who are lukewarm in the Sudanese Church to repentance and restoration that they may serve Him fervently. Pray also for young Sudanese church leaders that they may be given strength and wisdom.

Yaser | Syria

I ask you to pray for my country Syria and all countries where war and insecurity abound.

Niyazi | Sudan

I will be taking on a leadership position at my local church after graduation. I am looking forward to serving God in my country, so I ask you to pray that God prepares me for that step. I also got married this summer! Please pray that my wife and I walk together in God’s will.

September –

Rana Wazir Zailaa | Registrar

Pray with us as we start another academic year. Our returning students resumed their education at the start of last week, while our new students are still getting their visas to join us in October. Pray for the visa process, as it can be difficult for married couples and their children. Moreover, our Master of Religion (MRel) students and our returning students will start a new module in October, and our online students will start a new term. We will also have our accreditation visit then, so pray for this busy coming month!

Alexandra Abou Rjeily Bridi | Administration and HR Manager

We pray that all our newly accepted students will be granted visas. Pray for staff that they may be given strength at the start of this academic year. Our accounting team is also in the middle of the fiscal year-end closing process, so pray for them as they work hard, and pray for God’s provision for yet another year. We also have a vacant position, so pray for the right person to fill it.

Marcelle Saad | Student Affairs Assistant

Please pray that our new students will not have a hard time phasing in as the academic year starts, and pray that their visa process will go smoothly without any complications.

Chaden Hani | Researcher in Peacebuilding Affairs

Pray for our new students’ safe arrival to Lebanon and a readiness to learn and to change into Christ’s image. Pray also for our various peacebuilding activities throughout the year. We pray that more of our students get involved in our work so it extends to different Arab countries. There is a need for peacebuilding all over the region.

Jimmy Geagea | Peacebuilding Field Coordinator

At the end of this month, we will have the Khebz w Meleh Celebration Day. This event will gather groups from different regions in Lebanon. The youth will share the outcome of their work during the trainings and the lessons learned for future relationship building, so pray with us that the event will nurture strong relationships.

Roula El Azzi | Executive Assistant

Please pray for our new building construction that everything goes smoothly without any major complications.

Abed El Kareem Zien El Dien| Lecturer in Communication Studies

In light of the clash that took place in the South of Lebanon at the beginning of this month, pray for political stability and peace in Lebanon as students arrive.

Brent Hammoud | Master of Religion (MRel) Administrator  

I will be taking on the responsibilities of MRel administrator, so pray for my transition into my new position as part of the IMES team. Pray for the new MRel module that will start in October.

Caleb Hutcherson | Lecturer in Historical Theology and Faculty Development Lead

Please pray that I would be able to focus and be productive in order to make significant progress on my dissertation this year.

Pray for the Church in Algeria

In recent weeks, the Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA) has recorded a series of closures of its places of worship in Algeria, especially in the Kabyle area. Several churches (including those that aren’t under the EPA) have received written orders to stop all their activities, and a number of them were shut down.

One of our graduates’ church faced attempts of closure at the end of August, but by God’s grace, these attempts failed. She, in addition to other Algerian graduates, asked us to pray for the closed churches and the removal of the opposition that the Algerian Church is experiencing. She says, “Pray that God turns around the situation and sends more defenders of the Church. ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matt. 16:18 ESV).’ We hold on to this truth with the assurance that God allowed us to endure this so He might show His glory.”

In light of these events, let us lift our hearts together in prayer knowing that our Deliverer is able to help the Algerian Church withstand in the face of opposition and tribulation as it shines the light of Christ to the people.

August –

Rasha and Amal, 2012 and 2013 Alumni respectively

We are preparing for a workshop to train ministry workers who are serving with the persecuted, so join us in prayer for this point. Pray also for the two conferences we will be part of to advocate for the change of constitution, so Syrians have more freedom of religion. We also ask you to pray for us to be always sensitive and receptive to God’s voice so that He is glorified in us. Pray for protection upon us, as safety threats are an inevitable part of our ministry.

Male student  from Algeria, Certificate in Ministry

My mother church has asked me to pastor a church it newly planted. Please pray for this matter, that God may guide me to obey His will.

A refugee couple from Iraq, Certificate in Ministry

Please pray for our move to Canada. My husband, who is a pastor, and I will start a ministry with the Arab community in Canada. We should have travelled months ago, but our trip has been delayed, and we still don’t know when the exact date of our departure will be. Waiting can be difficult, so pray that we trust the Lord in the midst of uncertainty. Pray for our future ministry and for a plentiful harvest.

Female student  from Algeria, Certificate in Ministry

I love what God has called me to do with Sunday school children, so I ask you to pray that He grants me wisdom, teaches me more from His Word, blesses my ministry and uses me more with the children I serve.

Male student  from Algeria, Certificate in Ministry

In the future, I would like to continue my theological education beyond the Online Certificate. Then, I can prepare full courses for the benefit of the church and the Bible schools in Algeria. Please pray to God that He enables me to do this.

Joe from Lebanon, Certificate in Ministry

Pray for the believers I work with, who are from a non-Christian background, that they would be strong and grow in the knowledge of Christ. Pray also that I apply practically and effectively what I am learning through the online program.

Female student from Morocco, Certificate in Ministry

Pray with me for my ministry with Sunday school children in Morocco. May the Lord make clear to me and to my husband His vision for us. Pray with me also that my extended family members know Christ.

Walid from Syria, Certificate in Ministry

Pray for my ministry with Kurds in Lebanon through my local church in Zahle. Starting this month, I will be helping 85 Kurdish families and following up with them.

Samir from Syria, Certificate in Ministry

Pray for peace in Syria and in areas of conflict around the world. Pray for ABTS Online students that they may be a lighthouse to those around them in their churches and ministries.