Prayer Requests


November –

Bassem Melki

Pray that God gives me discernment and wisdom in my new role at ABTS as Dean of Faculty. Pray that, with the start of our new integrated program, God brings the right students on board so that they truly impact their surroundings.

Martin Accad

Please pray that I will continue to be sensitive to God’s leading and that my eyes will be open to the opportunities that He opens before me.

Walid Zailaa

Please pray for me to find the right balance between seminary and church. In the end, any investment in the academic and theological world needs to be for the building of the Church and the advancement of the Kingdom.

Balgis | Sudan

My desire is to finish my theological training period faithfully. I ask you to pray for us Sudanese students who are continuing our education online, as conditions in Sudan are not easy. Our internet is not good and not always available. Add to that the difficult economic situation. Pray that God enables us to continue our education.

Suliman | Sudan

Now that I am back in Sudan, I will be serving at my local church through organizing outreach events, conferences, youth programs, and revival events. Please pray for this ministry.

Elissar | Lebanon

I ask you to pray that the Lord helps me fulfill His plan for my life, and His call for my ministry with young people. Pray that I may be a reflection of the Lord’s light for them. Finally, pray that I have the diligence to study both theology and psychology without compromising in either.

Student from Morocco

Pray that my husband and I balance between education and other aspects of life. Pray for my ministry with the vulnerable women and children living in my area. Pray also for my husband who aims to start a media ministry in Morocco. Pray that God would send people alongside him so together they might positively impact the Church and the larger community.

Yaser | Syria

I ask you to pray with me that the situation in Syria gets better, and that Lebanon sees restoration and revival after the difficulties it has gone through.

Yousif | Sudan

As my wife Zeinab and I start a ministry, pray for ministry workers to join our team so that we serve God together. Pray for us to walk together as a family and establish ourselves in Sudan. Pray for us as we get immersed in ministry; there is much need for Kingdom work here in Sudan. Pray also that we diligently work on our theological education despite the sparse internet here.


October – 

Please pray for our continuing students as their 2020-2021 academic year officially started on October 5. We began the year with the Nature and Character of God module. Knowing the nature and character of God is essential for emerging leaders as they seek to serve a church striving towards a life characterized by unity, holiness, love, justice, goodness, and wisdom.

Please pray for faculty as they take on a new role in our new integrated theology program. Faculty will now be the main link to our students, which increases their role significantly outside the formal classroom. We are still exploring the implications of this reality as we continue to develop the new delivery format of our program.

Pray for our online students who are scattered all around the Arab world and beyond. Term 1, 2020 started on September 23 with 103 active students in the program. Pray that their training equips them to serve the church in closed countries.

Pray for both our new and continuing Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Studies students who  started their MENA Islam module on October 12. Pray that the Lord uses the upcoming module to equip them with a deeper understanding of Islam and the region they wish to serve.

As the new academic year unravels, we ask you to pray that we are always sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Pray that we continue to serve our community through our peacebuilding initiatives, our facilities or any other way. Crises will occur, and people will continue to suffer under the weight of a crumbling nation that has been and continues to be surrounded by troubles on every side. Yet, in all of this, we trust that our God is good, and He seeks the needy and the broken hearted. In such pressing times, may we be on the lookout for God’s work around us.

We ask you to continue praying for Lebanon’s deliverance, even if it seems far off. Pray for the people of Lebanon to withstand and for the Church in Lebanon to go around, as its Lord once did when He walked the earth, “doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil”.