Prayer Requests



Susanna | Sudan
Pray for my husband and me, and for our newborn baby, that we may be able to raise him and care for him with love. Pray for our ministry in Sudan, specifically with married couples, and pray for our theological education journey.

El Sadig | Sudan
I ask you to pray for me so that I overcome all the obstacles in the way of my academic journey. Sometimes the bad infrastructure in Sudan and all the daily pressures can be overwhelming.

Yaser | Syria
Pray for all the sick during this time, especially those who caught the coronavirus. Pray for the situation in Lebanon and Syria, both economically and politically. Also, pray for Syrian non-Christian background believers who cannot return to their home country. Pray that they have access to their basic human rights such as the right to change their religion on their passport.

Dani | Lebanon
The elective courses taught me to deal with others in a new way. I am learning to love and respect those who are different from me and to communicate with them more often. In practice, this is not an easy task. It needs a lot of grace and prayer. I ask you to pray for me that I see others the way God sees them.

Haroon | Sudan
Pray that God enables me to finish my academic journey well because we are going through many challenges in Sudan (the internet and the financial situation, to name a few). Sometimes I feel immense pressure, so your prayers will be of much help.


Smyrna Khalaf Moughabghab | Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Counseling
Pray that faculty may be constantly open to change and that we adapt well to it. Pray that we constantly seek to serve our students better, and pray that we are given wisdom as we go through with the academic year.

Rana Wazir | Registrar
Pray for the new students as they start their academic journey. Their lifestyles will be changing significantly now that they have started making time for their studies. They are learning to manage their time well. During our first mentoring session, some students shared that it can be stressful, so let us lift them up in prayer.

Walid Zailaa | Academic Dean and Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Pray for our students in the different stages of their study. We have those who are transitioning from the residential into the integrated program, those who completed their first year online and are currently in the bridging process before they move into their second year, and those who newly started with us in February.

Bassem Melki | Dean of Faculty and Lecturer in Peace Studies
Pray for us so that we build impactful courses with effective delivery methods, and pray that students will get in the mood and discipline of study right from the beginning.

Abed El Kareem Zien El Dien | Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry
Please pray that the people of Lebanon may experience peace during such challenging times. The situation is affecting everyone, and I know many Christians who are feeling down as a result.

Nabil Habiby | Lecturer in New Testament Studies
Pray for wisdom and strength for our new Integrated Theology Program students all over the Arab world and beyond, who are learning to juggle ministry and work with theological studies. Pray for mental strength for ABTS faculty and staff who are having to deal with the escalating Lebanese situation while making sure things are running smoothly at seminary. Pray that the Church continues to be a source of hope and courage in these troubling times.

Emad Botros | Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Pray for students to gain wisdom as they learn how to create balance between work, family, ministry and studying, and that they are not discouraged along the way. As students study the word of God, pray that they grow not only in knowledge but also in character. Pray for a spirit of unity, collaboration, love and care among our new cohort of students, and that they become a community of humble learners. Pray for our faculty to continue being a source of encouragement and inspiration as they teach online.