Prayer Requests


May –

Jimmy Geagea | Peacebuilding Field Coordinator

Jesus, during this phase, You showed us Your power and care by healing people of all ages and walks of life from physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

Please God, be present near those who need your loving touch because of COVID-19. May they experience Your power of healing. Take away the fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation.

We lift to You our concern for the people who are prone to severe illness such as the elderly and those with chronic health conditions.

Let them feel Your love.

Roula El Azzi | Executive Assistant

Let us pray that the pandemic ends and airports soon open so those who are trapped away from their loved ones can return home.

Chaden Hani | Peacebuilding Researcher

Both my husband and daughter work in the medical field; our house has been like a hospital for the sick lately. We are taking in and nursing people who come to us tired.

I then ask you to pray that God’s people would show mercy to those who are suffering and show them Christ in practical ways. Pray also for our alumni who serve the Lord in different parts of the Arab world.

Marcelle Saad | Student Affairs Assistant

Please pray that our residential students, who remain on campus, will be able to make it to their home countries soon. As they continue their year there online, pray that the Lord helps us to stand by their side despite the distance.

Brent Hamoud | IMES Programs Coordinator

Please pray for insights and inspiration as our faculty prepare to hold an “online residency” in place of the traditional residency for our current Master of Religion module. Pray also that our students may be given strength and focus as they try to attend to the demands of work, family and studies while in lockdown.

Nabil Habiby | Adjunct Faculty

Pray that God continues to grant us the strength to be people of hope and courage in a time of despair and fear.

Abed El Kareem Zien El Dien | Core Faculty

Let us pray for the economic and health situation of Lebanon. We pray that the virus spread would be restricted as people begin to leave their homes. Pray for protection over our professors, students and staff.

Moreover, I would like to praise the Lord for His faithfulness. He has brought me thus far, as I have completed my Doctorate in Ministry.

Joubran Hasbany | Maintenance Coordinator

Pray for the ministry of ABTS in these times. We know the ministry is God’s, so it will continue, but we pray even so for it. Pray also that Lebanon undergoes a current of radical change.

April –

Youstina | Egypt

Please pray for my transformation process while studying theology. I do not wish to finish the same way I started so I can glorify God among my people. Pray that God gives me wisdom to manage my time well as I study online from home while reflecting Christ to others even when things are stressful.

Haroun | Sudan

Pray for my teaching ministry within my local church in Sudan. Pray that God grants me wisdom and grace to humbly share with the leaders of my local church what I learned here.

Ibrahim | Sudan

I ask you to pray that the voice of the Church in Sudan is heard more with the rule of the new transitional government. Pray that the Church remains a light in spite of the challenges.

Balgis | Sudan

Pray for my health and for my ex-husband who hasn’t yet come to Christ.

Noha | Sudan

I ask you to pray that I heed the leading of the Holy Spirit when I make decisions. Every day is full of decisions! Coming to seminary in Lebanon was the best decision I made. I never look back in regret because I know God wants me to be here.

Sleiman | Sudan

Pray that God uses me greatly in Sudan and that my relationship with God grows with each day.

Fathia | Sudan

Pray for us students as we remain here on campus, and pray for my family’s safety in Sudan during the pandemic. I ask you to pray that God uses me to share the Good News of Christ with my mother, and that the Lord changes her heart. Moreover, my younger sister has an acute knee pain and inflammation that is affecting every aspect of her life, but I praise God that she is getting better. Please pray for her full healing.

Maha | Sudan

Pray for me as God continues to shape me here, and pray that the dark clouds of the pandemic soon dissipate.

Prayers for ABTS

Pray for safety of our students who are still in residence. Although we moved our classes online, many of our students were not able to go back to their home countries because of closed airports.

Pray for our academic team and faculty as they continue the academic year online.

Pray for the Institute of Middle East Studies team as they work on reconceptualizing our June consultation and the various peacebuilding programs.

Pray for our institutional sustainability. This corona crisis comes at a time when we’re still reeling from the effects of our economic and political crises that started last October.