Prayer Requests


February – 

The mission of ABTS is to serve the Church in our region as it realizes its Biblical mission of having Christ acknowledged as Lord by offering specialized learning resources and equipping faithful men and women for effective service.

Please keep us in your prayers so that we continue to serve His church in a way the is pleasing to Him. Pray that our faculty, staff, students and graduates be continuously transformed into the image of His likeness.

Please also pray for the church in Lebanon as it explores new ways to be salt and light in the middle of the current crisis.

MRel Students’ Prayer Requests

Student from US
Pray for my ministry with both refugees and university students in the Levant. Many want to know Christ, but the fear of social (sometimes family or legal) pressures hinders them. Pray for protection and wisdom as we venture to serve them.

Tim from Belgium
My wife and I are having a new baby! She has been pregnant for two months. This is new to us, and we are so excited. Pray for the baby’s healthy growth and for us as we go through this new experience.

Student from US
Please pray for the salvation of souls, for people to know the Lord. Pray that God grants me wisdom with ministry decisions, finances and support raising as a missionary.

Pene from Singapore
One of my prayer requests is discerning what is next after MRel and where God is leading me. I am in a discerning period as to which country and what kind of partnership to go into for future ministry.

Rami from Egypt
Pray that God grants me focus as I work on my MRel projects and assignments. My family and I live in a Gulf country, so pray that God uses us as a light and true witness. A Christ follower is called to shine wherever he is placed.

Janette from Lebanon
Pray for me to balance between serving my family as a mom, serving my local church and studying so that I finish well.

Third-Year Students’ Prayer Requests

Rafed and Hiba from Syria
Please pray for our future as we move back to Syria and as we head into ministry. Pray that the Lord gives us peace and shows us what He wants us to do. Pray that our children adapt to the move back to Syria.

Student from Egypt
Thank you for praying for my classmates and me as we finish our last year at seminary. Pray for our ministries back home and that the Lord continues to guide us as we seek to serve Him.

Nabou from Syria
I ask you to pray for us as we near the end of the year and for our ministry with the Kurdish people.

Elia from Sudan
Pray for my ministry back home and for the new ministries we are trying to start. Pray for my community and for my family. Pray that I may be able to see them when I go back, as I haven’t seen them in over 11 years.

January –

Demyana | Egypt

Please pray for the children we met at the shelter that God might continually send people who treat them kindly. Pray that God uses us in their lives.

Awney | Egypt

I think of the parents who abandoned their children, and I pray that God will bring about a change of heart in them. Please pray that we serve such children well.

Student | Morocco

Pray for us Compassionate Care Ministry team members that the Lord might use us to fulfil His mission. Pray for the refugees who live in difficult circumstances, the kids who are on the streets, and the kids in the shelter. Things are not easy for them. May the Lord care for them and light up their lives, now and in the future.

Student | Egypt

Brothers and sisters, please pray that this ministry continues to grow and reach those who are related to the children including family, friends, classmates and neighbors. Many of them endured the cruelty of war, and they have had enough, so pray that we bring them more of the love of Christ. May the Lord bless you.

Youssef | Sudan

The families we visited are facing many difficulties. Please pray for them, and for us, so that we stand by them and show them love. The team members were so touched by the recent ministry; some of them expressed the desire to do something similar in their home countries. Pray that the unity and enthusiasm the team members exhibited this Christmas will last throughout the academic year.

Ibrahim | Sudan

Pray for the kids we met at the shelter, and pray for the coming visits we hope to make. They need a listening ear and a supportive presence. On the personal level, the problems with my family back home are ongoing because of my faith, so I ask you to continue to pray. Pray also for my church as it continues to work on getting the official papers for its land.

Prayer Request  from the ABTS family

We usually look for new beginnings at the start of each year. As we welcome 2020, we look back at another year that has passed, gleaning lessons for the year to come. Join us in prayer for God’s work to extend more in the region. May our hearts be ready to heed His voice, fixing our eyes on the goal, redeeming the time, making use of every opportunity.

While, in Lebanon, we are still in the middle of a crisis, we continue to put our trust in the Mighty God whom we serve as we join Him on His mission. We also rejoice at the sight of our students maturing into vessels of much use for the Kingdom, and we ask you to pray for them knowing that He who began a good work in them will complete it.