Prayer Requests


January –

Demyana | Egypt

Please pray for the children we met at the shelter that God might continually send people who treat them kindly. Pray that God uses us in their lives.

Awney | Egypt

I think of the parents who abandoned their children, and I pray that God will bring about a change of heart in them. Please pray that we serve such children well.

Student | Morocco

Pray for us Compassionate Care Ministry team members that the Lord might use us to fulfil His mission. Pray for the refugees who live in difficult circumstances, the kids who are on the streets, and the kids in the shelter. Things are not easy for them. May the Lord care for them and light up their lives, now and in the future.

Student | Egypt

Brothers and sisters, please pray that this ministry continues to grow and reach those who are related to the children including family, friends, classmates and neighbors. Many of them endured the cruelty of war, and they have had enough, so pray that we bring them more of the love of Christ. May the Lord bless you.

Youssef | Sudan

The families we visited are facing many difficulties. Please pray for them, and for us, so that we stand by them and show them love. The team members were so touched by the recent ministry; some of them expressed the desire to do something similar in their home countries. Pray that the unity and enthusiasm the team members exhibited this Christmas will last throughout the academic year.

Ibrahim | Sudan

Pray for the kids we met at the shelter, and pray for the coming visits we hope to make. They need a listening ear and a supportive presence. On the personal level, the problems with my family back home are ongoing because of my faith, so I ask you to continue to pray. Pray also for my church as it continues to work on getting the official papers for its land.

Prayer Request  from the ABTS family

We usually look for new beginnings at the start of each year. As we welcome 2020, we look back at another year that has passed, gleaning lessons for the year to come. Join us in prayer for God’s work to extend more in the region. May our hearts be ready to heed His voice, fixing our eyes on the goal, redeeming the time, making use of every opportunity.

While, in Lebanon, we are still in the middle of a crisis, we continue to put our trust in the Mighty God whom we serve as we join Him on His mission. We also rejoice at the sight of our students maturing into vessels of much use for the Kingdom, and we ask you to pray for them knowing that He who began a good work in them will complete it.

December –

Graduate from Jordan

I am now serving a group of refugee women in Lebanon. Through our meetings and house visits, they are coming to know the Lord, but are now struggling with their circumstances.  I ask you to pray that the Lord brings change into their lives and helps them come to Him. Pray that the Lord gives me wisdom in how I act with them.

Recent graduate from Sudan

I serve in teaching and discipleship. Pray that the Lord helps me with relaunching the college students’ ministry. Pray that He helps me develop a curriculum for our church discipleship program. May He give me wisdom and strength as I start teaching at a seminary. Finally, pray that I continue to grow in my theological formation and my Biblical understanding, so I can better serve the church.

Graduate from Sudan

I serve the Sudanese diaspora in Egypt through counselling and discipleship. My wife and I have started counseling 4 new couples, and I am discipling new believers at church. Pray that the Lord gives us the wisdom and understanding to teach and mentor these new people in their experience of Christ. Also, pray for my children, especially my daughter, who is losing her hearing.

Michel from Lebanon

We run a Christian center in an area that has a large refugee community. Our goal is to reach those around us through the services we provide, amiably and peacefully. We ask the Lord that He keeps us focused on His vision for our ministry, that He continues to form our ministry team and help us recognize the gifts of the Spirit in each other. Pray that He uses our services to reach more people and help those people on their walk with Him.

Couple from Morocco

We serve the body of Christ in Morocco through our ministry with our local church. We pray that the Lord uses us fully in service to his Kingdom. Pray that the Lord guides us in ministry as we disciple and train new believers.

Graduate from Morocco

I pastor a church in Morocco and have recently started serving with home groups in Mauritania. Both countries are difficult to minister in. Pray for us to continue to heed God’s vision for our church. Also, pray for the believers and home groups in Mauritania, that the Lord keeps them through the difficulties they may face.

Nihad from Syria

I serve the Kurdish communities that have been affected by the Syrian civil war through outreach and relief. We have a church in Lebanon, and we often go out on mission trips to Syria. As our church grows, pray that the Lord provides for our relief ministry and helps us expand the ministry team.

To know more about Nihad’s ministry and the current situation in Syria, read our Syria Brief for December here.

Graduate from Algeria

My ministry is through a church’s Bible school in Algeria. The Church here has been facing much persecution recently. Pray for God’s peace in Algeria. May He give the decision makers wisdom and move them in His direction.

November –

Suliman | Sudan

Please pray that I develop my research skills during my time here. Pray for the ministry team at our local church who organizes mission trips and conferences. I ask you to pray that God provides the resources and opens doors for their ministry. Pray also that my family members in Sudan come to Christ.

Martha | Egypt

I ask you to pray for my mother; she is not doing well physically. Three years ago, she had an unsuccessful surgery for her knee joints, and she hasn’t been able to walk properly since then. Please also pray for the underprivileged in Egypt. May the believers in Egypt show them that there is hope in Christ.

Male Student | Egypt

Pray that the Lord gives me wisdom when managing my time as the academic pressure increases. Pray that He gives me comfort whenever I long for home, so I adjust to the new environment quickly. I want to focus fully on my studies so that I am well prepared when I return to serve my people.

Maha | Sudan

Please pray for my father, who has a hard time walking. He has been suffering from leg pain for the past three months because of diabetes.

Noha | Sudan

Please pray that I have the right attitude as the academic load increases, and that I joyfully press on without complaining. Pray also for the discipleship ministry at my local church in Sudan. A new cohort started their discipleship courses at the beginning of this month, so pray that they hear God’s voice through the ministry.

Ibrahim | Sudan

My family and I haven’t fully reconciled because of my faith. Though they have come to terms with it, they still give me a hard time. Please pray for me regarding this matter. Pray for my local church, as they still haven’t received the official papers stating their ownership of the land, but we hope that things will be different with the current changes in the country. Please also pray for unity and peace in my local church and the Sudanese Church.

Pray for Lebanon

  • Pray that the current ruling political class gains sensitivity to the people’s needs in this critical situation, addressing them wisely with a readiness to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of the country’s deliverance.
  • Pray for protection over those in the Lebanese judicial system. May they be given boldness and impartiality so that corruption does not go unpunished and justice runs its course paving the way for fiscal and governmental reform.
  • Pray for the people of Lebanon not to be driven be fear during this economic situation. Many gas stations are temporarily closing across the country due to limited access to foreign currencies and the country’s ability to import essential goods (such as food, medicine, and fuel) is declining.
  • Pray for God’s Kingdom to expand at all times and during all circumstances in Lebanon. Pray for God to give His Church a spirit of generosity to reflect His love to the community during this time.