Prayer Requests


February –

Ali from Algeria
Please pray for all the local churches that have been shut down in Algeria, not because of the pandemic, but due to the increasing governmental pressures on the Algerian Church.

Student from Yemen
I am constantly praying that the Lord touches the hearts of my mother and siblings, and they come to know Him. Please pray with me for my family members. Some of my friends shared that they waited many years for their mother or other family members to accept Christ. God is able to do much more than we can ever imagine.

Saeed from Egypt
Please pray that the work of the Lord is not hindered where I serve in the Middle East. The work of Christ is being strongly opposed there, and there is a darkness that can be difficult to penetrate. Pray that new believers there are rooted in the faith, and pray that God sends more workers, because I am currently serving on my own, and there is so much work to do.

Pray also for me because I got into a car accident last September, and I broke my shoulder. The metal implant in my shoulder broke a month ago, so I had to go through another surgery to replace the implant and patch up the broken shoulder bones using thighbones.

Zineb from Morocco
Pray that my family members experience the liberating power of Christ’s work. Pray also for my daughters. For a while, my daughters remained without a nationality because of our faith. Sadly, neither my husband nor I could grant them our nationalities due to our Arab countries’ religious laws. However, we were able to pass on the Spanish nationality to them after a long process. I pray that my daughters know Him even at this young age and reflect Him to others.

Stephany from Lebanon
Please pray that I may be given wisdom in balancing between raising the children, serving God and studying theology as it can be stressful sometimes. Pray also that God would continue to grow our local church. Pray that we may be given wisdom to build up new believers, so that those who join the church may find a home in it. Pray also that my parents would come to Christ.

Paul from South Sudan
Please pray that peace, security and stability would permeate South Sudan and the entire world. Millions have been forced to flee their homes due to South Sudan’s internal wars while famine and human rights violations continue.


January –

Haroun from Sudan
I now live relatively far from my family in search for good internet, but I visit them whenever I can and regularly call them. Internet costs are high in Sudan, so I am working at construction projects while I seek a stable job. I am resolved to continue my academic journey until the end, and God is able to fill all my needs. Pray that God grants me energy and strength to continue pursuing my education. Pray also for the ministry and for my future vision. Pray that I may find a good job.

Dani from Lebanon
Sometimes the pressures from my work, family and studies clash, and I find it hard to balance between these responsibilities. It can lead to burn out. I do not want to fail in any of these responsibilities that God has given me, so I am working on managing my time well. Pray that I may overcome the pressures at work and that I may be able to balance between my work, studies and family. 

Yousif from Sudan
Please pray for my current ministry and the ministry that is to come. Pray that the Lord’s work extends, and that His light reaches many. Pray for my wife Susanna who is pregnant with our first child and for my father’s recovery from a recent surgery. Pray also for the situation in Sudan in light of the current events.

Susanna from Sudan
Please pray for us as we look to God, trying not to complain because of the current living conditions and the unstable conditions of Sudan, which directly affect our ministry. We believe that this cannot hinder God’s work, but we ask you to pray for our beloved country and its people who suffer from hunger and sickness, especially now with the pandemic.

El Sadig from Sudan
Please pray that God helps me overcome all challenges so I may finish my studies well. Pray that peace and stability prevail in Sudan and that the Sudanese Church experiences a great spiritual revival. Pray that God helps me fulfil the vision to which He has called me, for the extension of His Kingdom in my country.

Yaser from Syria
Please pray for the people of Lebanon and Syria who are going through a lot. Pray for the persecuted persons around the world, and pray for coronavirus patients, that they may experience God’s healing touch. Pray also for protection over my wife and kids, and for our extended families, from the virus.