ABTS seeks to equip Arab Church leaders with the theological knowledge and practical application they need to best serve their home ministry context. The majority of our full-time, residential seminary students come from outside of Lebanon, and our Admissions Team members work very diligently to ensure that they accept new students with a strong vision for ministry in their home country and community. Potential students must be endorsed by their church and our Admissions Team conducts interviews with their pastors. We do not set a cap on the number of students admitted each year, even though we need to raise scholarship support for each accepted student. ABTS accepts all students who meet our requirements (listed below) and demonstrate a genuine calling for ministry.

All application forms are below. For more information, please contact Mrs. Rana Wazir Zailaa

Kindly note that the following elements are pre-requisites for acceptance at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary:

  • Spiritual: Proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, evidenced too in the person’s life;
  • Church: A reputable member in a local Evangelical church, with a clear calling for Christian ministry and an attestation to this effect from the pastor or a local leader;
  • Affiliation: Loyal to the Evangelical Statement of Faith as well as that of ABTS throughout the duration of their stay at ABTS;
  • Academic: Fulfillment of the various pre-requisites required for the intended study program;
  • Legal: Having all proper legal documents (ID; visa, Legal Record, Military Service, etc…)
  • Language: Proficiency in modern classical Arabic language.
  • Financial: Free of financial debt and with a clear demonstration of how the person intends to cover their fees – tuition as well as accommodation (for resident students).
  • Clear Calling: Able to demonstrate through the submitted application form as well as the various interviews with the academic team a clear calling to Christian ministry and a certain minimum level of experience in the ministry field.
  • Behavioral: Able to demonstrate through the submitted application and the various interviews with the members of ABTS Academic team a certain level of psychological and emotional maturity that is reflected in a balanced personality and humble inter-personal relations.
  • Health: Report of physical/emotional health by a certified physician.
  • Technical: Having the sufficient knowledge in using a computer and surfing the internet considering the nature of the program.


Full-time and Part-time Study and Auditing

ABTS uses the European ECTS Credit system of 60 credits per year of full-time study, embracing both formal and non-formal learning components. 60 ECTS Credits is comparable to 40 Credits under the American Carnegie counting system used in many schools.

College level students (CertTh, DipTh, and BTh) are expected to complete 25 hours, and graduate level students (MDiv and MRel) are expected to complete 30 hours of learning activity for each ECTS Credit. Consequently full-time students at ABTS are expected to complete 1500-1800 hours of learning activity each year, which entails an average of 45-50 hours per week for first year students (over 34 weeks), and 38-45 hours per week for second and third year students (over 40 weeks each year).

ABTS recognizes that many students are unable to commit themselves to full-time study, and affirms the value of part-time studies. Consequently the whole of the CertTh program is made available on a biannual rotating basis in both mornings and evenings, and the same is done for the BTh on a four-yearly cycle.

Part-time students must fulfill all full-time requirements in order to graduate. Because of ABTS’ commitment to integrative learning, part-time students must complete all parts of integrative modules, including the integrative project, in order to receive academic credit. However the module units do not need to be taken at the same time, and may be completed over the course of several years.

Auditors – All CertTh courses and some other courses are open to the public for a notional fee. Lay leaders who are unable to commit to out-of-class study requirements are nonetheless encouraged to attend classes from the CertTh program at ABTS. However, auditors must register at the Academic Office in order to attend.


   ABTS Application Form (Arabic)

  Financial Aid Form (Arabic)

  ABTS Letter of recommendation from References (Arabic)