Richard McCallum

Lead Faculty for Cultural Analysis in the Context of MENA


B.Sc. in Physics from Imperial College, London, UK.
M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Leicester University, Leicester, UK.
Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Exeter, Exeter, UK.

Areas of research, writing, and teaching

Religion and Society/Sociology of Religion, Contemporary Encounters of Faith Groups in Society, Contemporary Islam, Christian-Muslim Relations, Christian Responses to Islam


Book Contributions

‘Public Intellectuals and Micro-Public Spheres: a British illustration’, in Thijssen, P., Weyns, W., Timmerman, C., & Mels, . (eds.) New Public Spheres: Recontextualizing the Intellectual (Aldershot: Ashgate), 2013

‘Rejection or Accommodation? Trends in Evangelical Christian Responses to Muslims’, in Guest, M. & E. Arweck (eds.) Religion and Knowledge: Sociological perspectives (Aldershot: Ashgate), 2012

‘Tensions in British Evangelical Responses to Islam and Muslims ‘, in Bell, S. & C. Chapman (eds.) Between Naivety and Hostility: How should Christians respond to Islam in Britain? (Milton Keynes: Authentic), 50-63, 2011


‘Towards a framework and methodology for the evaluation of inter-faith initiatives’, Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

‘Evaluating Inter-faith Initiatives: A Cambridge case study’, Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

Islamophobia: A View from the UK, Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue, Fall 2016, 32-33, 2016

‘Love: a Common Word between Evangelicals and Muslims?’, Political Theology, 13.4, 400-413, 2012

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‘Integrating Islam: The Importance for Theological Education of Keeping Islam in Mind’, in R. Gaston & K. Brealey (Eds.), Interfaith Engagement and Theological Education, London: Presence & Engagement, pp. 26-29, 55-69, 2016

‘Inter-faith Impact: An evaluation of the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme Summer Schools 2011-13’, Cambridge: Cambridge Inter-faith Programme, 2013

Book Reviews

Raymond Baker, One Islam, Many Muslim Worlds: spirituality, identity and resistance across Islamic lands in Christian Century, 3 August 2016, 39-40

Titus Hjelm, Is God back? in Journal of Sociology of Religion, September 2016

Jocelyne Cesari, The Oxford Handbook of European Islam, in European Journal of Theology, XXV (2016):1, p109

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