School of Theology

The ABTS School of Theology offers both residential and online degree programs in Arabic. There are five residential Arabic-language-degree programs: two one-year programs (the Certificate in Theology and the post-graduate Certificate in Theology), a two-year program (the Diploma in Theology) and two three-year programs (the Bachelor of Theology and the Master of Divinity). The European Evangelical Accrediting Association and the Middle East Association for Theological Education recently accredited all our residential degrees.

ABTS’s curriculum is dynamic, contextual, and focuses on holistic formation – cognitive, affective, and behavioral. Our school of theology is continuously reviewing and updating the curriculum to make sure we are preparing our students for the rapidly changing world of ministry in the Middle East. Instead of a traditional semester system, we divide our academic year through a module system that allows a broad number of courses under a common theme identified as essential to modern ministry – such as discipleship, peacemaking, communications, and Biblical Interpretation. Courses include a strong emphasis on church planting, discipleship, and evangelism.

Due to the inability of many Arab church leaders to move to Lebanon for training, there is a need for more accessible education. We need to be able to take the learning to where the leaders are serving. Through online theological education, ABTS is able to equip hundreds more for ministry. This online Certificate in Ministry provides biblical-theological formation and ministry training that is contextually relevant for the Arab world.