Sponsor An Arab Student

Residential Students

Since 2011, our School of Theology has had an enrollment average of 30 to 40 full-time residential students and 5 to 10 part-time students annually, pursuing either a Certificate in Theology (one year), a Diploma in Theology (two years), a Bachelor of Theology (three years) or a Master of Divinity (three years). In addition to Lebanon, our students mostly come from Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Jordan, Iraq, Palestinian Territories, Morocco, Yemen, Syria and Algeria.

With the low household income in most Arab countries and the few resources available for ministry, almost none of our students are able to afford theological education at ABTS. In fulfillment of our mission of serving the Church in our region, ABTS raises through partnerships the scholarship support needed to cover the tuition as well as the room and board of all accepted students.

The fees, tuition, and textbooks amount to a yearly total of $6,000. Room and board amount to $4,000, which comes to the annual total of $10,000 for one scholarship for a full-time Arab student.

Budget: $10,000 per student per year

Online Students

Due to the inability of many Arab church leaders to move to Lebanon for training, there is a need for more accessible education. In order to take the learning to the leaders where they are serving, ABTS launched a unique program, the Certificate in Ministry, comparable to the first year of the Bachelor of Theology.

This Online Certificate in Ministry provides biblical-theological formation and ministry training that is contextually relevant to the Arab world. We are working towards the development of a hybrid or blended Bachelor’s degree program. The program is designed to fulfill accreditation requirements, similar to our accredited residential programs.

Our online program is heavily subsidized. More than 95% of its cost is covered through partnership with churches, ministries and foundations in the West.

Budget: $6,000 per student per degree