The Online Certificate in Ministry

The Online Certificate in Ministry is an Arabic-language program that provides biblical-theological formation and ministry training that is contextually relevant for the Arab World. The degree includes 14 core courses, 3 elective courses, and non-formal components, including mentoring and written theological reflections. Courses include History of Christianity, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Biblical Interpretation, Surveys of the Old Testament and the New Testament, Effective Bible Teaching, and Small Groups. In addition, the Certificate in Ministry requires that each student meet with a local mentor who can encourage the student’s spiritual and academic growth.

In each course, students are divided into groups that are facilitated by a tutor. Students study the lesson content, engage with classmates and the tutor through forum discussions, and complete online learning activities such as quizzes and case studies. At the end of the course, students complete a five-hour project that helps them apply what they have learned to their local context.
Courses and Credits
Courses offered by ABTS-Online are worth 3 credit-hours. Students working towards the Certificate in Ministry will need to complete 60 credits that are divided as follows: 42 credits (14 courses) are compulsory coursework, 9 credits are earned through the induction, mentoring sessions, and written theological reflections, and the final 9 credits are earned through elective courses (3 courses). In each term, 3 core courses and one elective is offered. Courses run for a term period of 11 weeks. Taking a full-time schedule of 3-4 courses per term, a student can graduate in 15 months. Students have up to 6 years to complete all required courses.

Growing in God
Spiritual formation is an important component of ABTS-Online. Mentoring and written theological reflections insure that students are working through how what they learn impacts their lives and ministries. In addition, ABTS Online tutors follow up on the students’ spiritual and academic progress.

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