Certificate in Ministry Tutors

Tutors play a vital role in the Certificate in Ministry program. They facilitate students' learning by coming alongside them over 12-week courses. Despite the online delivery method, they are present in the learning process of students and follow up with them on a weekly basis.

Moreover, tutors build bridges of communication between the students and the administration. They do not hesitate to develop pastoral relationships with students through mentoring them and praying for them when needed.
Rabih Hasbany
Certificate in Ministry Program Lead
BA English Literature
BA Translation
Theology courses at ABTS

Samah Fakhreldein
Egyptian living in Lebanon
Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MRel) – ABTS
Master of Divinity - ABTS

Almess Yousif
Iraqi living in Lebanon
Bachelor of Theology - ABTS
Bachelor of Accounting
Mireille Haddad
Master’s in Interior Architecture
Theology Courses at ABTS

Elia Shehata
Master of Divinity - ABTS

Magi Raafat
Master of Divinity - ABTS
Bachelor of Physiotherapy Cairo University

Hanane Jaber
Bachelor of Theology - ABTS

Ashraf Zaki
Master’s in arts of Theology-Biblical Studies (MAT-B) Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC), 2021.
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, Mina University (MU) in Partnership with Faculty of Arts - Ain Shams University (ASU), 2017.
Bachelor of Theology - ABTS, 2012.