What We Do

KwM primarily:

  • Works with young people
  • Works with Muslims and Christians
  • Runs regular small events

KwM events will always include:

  • An environment that is welcoming, inclusive, stimulating, enjoyable and fun,
  • Opportunities for new friendships to be made and established ones to be strengthened,
  • A safe place to discuss the similarities and differences between their faiths in an atmosphere of honest friendship,
  • Faith-based discussions between teenagers using the Guidelines for Dialogue, and where the young people talk about their own faith and listen to a peer describe their own faith,
  • A recognition of the similarities and differences between faiths,
  • Topics and activities based on the needs, interests and passions of young people,
  • High quality youth work including the highest standards of child protection and health and safety.

KwM events will include whenever possible:

  • Equal numbers of Christians and Muslims,
  • A chance to eat together,
  • Equal opportunities for males and females to participate (even if this means running separate gendered events),
  • Christian and Muslim volunteer leaders.

KwM events will always avoid:feast bowling

  • Any calls to conversion,
  • Literature promoting one faith being given to the young people,
  • Adults dominating discussions or giving lengthy talks,
  • Doing or saying anything that makes a young person feel that they have to compromise their beliefs or religious practices,
  • Allowing adults to correct young people if the adult feels that they have made an error if the explanation of their faith (this is best done through the faith community or families outside of the event),
  • Letting one faith or culture dominate the look and feel of an event.

KwM will seek to:

  • Give an opportunity for young people to put faith into action for the benefit of others,
  • Work with faith and community leaders to gain their support for the work,
  • Publicise the work to encourage greater participation.